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  • When government steps in to protect us from the harm that our choices produce it wonít be long before government steps in to deprive us of the benefits derived from our choices.

  • Diversity of views and diversity of values are what keep a democracy from stagnating while at the same time offering a diversity of ways to solve the diverse problems that confront any changing society.

  • Part of what is behind the reluctance of each society to maximize the development of the talent of everyone is that those in power fear that that talent, might exceed their own or descendantsí talents, and that they would then be challenged by those possessing the power of their newly developed natural abilities.

  • It is the necessity of tyrants to make the submissive believe that they cannot become free; for once the submissive start believing otherwise the tyrantís future becomes imprisoned by fear.

  • If our government keeps making the dollar worth less and less, eventually it will be worthless.

  • As long as the citizens of any country remain ignorant they will accept the simplistic solutions of the politicians, and therefore be easily led to fulfill the purposes of others.

  • Even though we may hate war, war may find us irresistible.

  • In the courtroom, one is assumed innocent until proven guilty; outside of the courtroom, one is assumed guilty until proven innocent.

  • Trying to get the government to stop expanding the money supply, in order to control inflation, would be like trying to pump Venice dry.

  • Societies concern themselves with honesty between individuals; the individual that wants to become free needs to be concerned about honesty within himself.

  • True equality in the eyes of the law is an ideal not likely to be achieved in the existence of mankind.

  • Those that prophesize about World War 3 fail to notice that it has already begun; however it is and will be fought with economic policies instead of armaments.

  • Even though the odds are heavily against an occurrence doesnít mean that it wonít happen; after all every once in a while we even elect a congressman that is concerned about the long-term welfare of our country.

  • The government spends enormous sums trying to contact intelligent life elsewhere than on Earth without any concern as to whether or not it might be hostile.

  • Censorship laws are an effort to prevent access to the materials that censors donít like; however their main goal is to control what is going on in the minds of others.

  • Wars tend to be like chain-smoking in that the end of one is used to light the beginning of another.


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