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  • Those that contend that homosexuals are the result of choosing to be so and that they could become a heterosexual if they chose, should ask themselves the following two questions: When did I decide to be a heterosexual? If I chose, could I now decide to be sexually attracted to my own sex and become a homosexual that isn’t attracted sexually to the opposite sex?

  • Those that set about to cast moral judgments and to punish others for moral transgressions are dispossessing God of the rights that He has reserved.

  • The majority cannot create a reality, they can only create a belief that the majority will claim as a realty.

  • We can lease a car and many other things, but in a sense we all lease our lives, and at the end of the lease period we no longer have it and the lessor does.

  • If we believe that there is only one God, and it is a fact that there are hundreds that are worshiped by mankind, then that number minus one is the number that mankind has invented. Which is the one that wasn’t invented? You do the math.

  • Are we more sightless than plants that always seem to grow towards the source of light?

  • Is there something in God’s Rulebook that prohibits our confessions from going directly to God instead of through a middleman?

  • Pray for those that are called great for it is those whose integrity is most in peril.

  • One will cross a river faster by building a raft than praying for the river to run dry.

  • Those that say that they need proof of God’s existence in order to believe are those that believe that they have no need of God.

  • On those rare moments when desire and fear have become voids and you feel yourself a part of time and no longer just a bystander, on those moments enter yourself and discover your soul.

  • Men do not go to war over the nature of the color yellow or over the chemical composition of water; this is because these are known. However when man has dealt with things that he doesn’t know, bloodshed is soon to follow as all “religious wars” will attest.


Comments - Our Religious Beliefs
Page 48 of  67

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