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  • Going with the flow is exactly what happens when a toilet is flushed.

  • Many of today’s economic problems stem from the fact that many regard long-term planning as being their plans for next week.

  • The first thing that a person should do to alleviate poverty is to make sure that they don’t become part of the group.

  • When we deal with what we believe to be the truth, it should be defended like any other thing that is precious, as we do our lives.

  • We should always be genuine; for the imitations of others are always detected and rejected for what they are, -second rate imitations.

  • When we bury the hatchet, it should be deep enough as to make its retrieval more of a problem than overlooking a grievance.

  • Most of the reasoning that we hear is someone trying to justify some act that was done in the total absence of reason.

  • It has been said that given an excess of a favorite food, a horse will eat itself to death while a mule won’t. If only humans could be as smart as that mule.

  • When we encourage a person that is talking nonsense to keep talking, the nonsense eventually starts to mutate into sense.

  • When we dispute with another, we should welcome our being shown to be incorrect because that means that we become closer to the truth than before. When we are shown to be correct however, the other party is the one that gains.

  • It is not a kindness to our children to give them what they want only because they want; as this is the poorest training for their adult lives when society will give them nothing merely because of their wanting.

  • Few things so impoverish us as our discontent.

  • Those, wishing to improve the world, should start with themselves; as they will find that a fulltime project.

  • We cut short our lives one minute for each minute that we live being someone other than ourselves.

  • Patience towards outcomes is more predictive than is force.

  • Many believe that if they make a mistake, respect for them will diminish. But a mistake made and then admitted has just the opposite effect.

  • Mankind seems to be in a race to see how quickly the world’s resources can be exhausted, with little thought or concern as to how future generations will sustain a quality of life acceptable to more than just a very few.

  • We can never exit the quandary of knowing that violence is mankind’s greatest evil, yet at the same time knowing that unilateral avoidance of violence invites the certain oppression by those not similarly enlightened.

  • Benevolence will never require Viagra to become effective.

  • Those that pursue wealth as a source of freedom may find it; but those that pursue wealth as means of rising above others have just lost their freedom to compulsion and pride.

  • What we do as individuals may seem to be of no matter; but how can we be certain? When a drought is broken, there is always that first raindrop that seems wasted on the dust.

  • We need to keep in mind that there are probably as many people interested in bringing others down as bringing themselves up.

  • We should always be suspicious of any stranger that approaches us like a friendly puppy.

  • Acquiring knowledge that one knows will never be used is like taking a canoe into then desert.

  • We lead young people into a bottomless quagmire when we knowingly teach them beliefs that will evolve into the delusions that are certain to fail them later in life. It is easy for children to grasp and deal with reality if they are not “protected” from it.

  • The ease of solving problems is proportional to our distance from them.

  • When meeting obstacles in life, the ideal solution is to go right through them if possible, especially if placed there intentionally by others.

  • Whether we’re ready or not, tomorrow and tomorrow’s tomorrow are going to deliver their packages to us C.O.D.

  • The average individual would much rather believe his own deduction than the accurate observations of others.

  • There are those that claim to never compromise. They are like a skyscraper that will not compromise with the wind by bending. Those that refuse to compromise should be regarded as one of the most brittle creations of mankind, and also one of the most temporary.


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