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  • It is more common to want to repay the giver of harm than the giver of kindness.

  • If you’re not obviously different than others, then you’ve become just a piece of camouflage in a sea of people.

  • Fear prevents our soaring like great ballast that can’t be released.

  • In the thousands of years of mankind’s physical evolution; social evolution was also occurring. With change ever accelerating, we shouldn’t be surprised that the social structures that were developed for slowly changing times are grossly inadequate for the present. Stresses are inevitable and certain as the old structures will continue to fail the rapid onset of new challenges.

  • Life is most enriching when we nibble at it instead of engorging in haste.

  • The biggest step taken towards understanding is our first awareness of not understanding.

  • When we find that we have recurrent negative thoughts about another, we need to pause and try to understand why we sense threat from that person at the subconscious level.

  • Our greatest treasures are not put on display with spotlights always focused on them, but are stored for us in safe places. We should wonder how future generations will deal with the superficial values, shown by the celebrities of today, that are collectively more highly worshiped than God or the highest of our long-term values that have endured for millennia.

  • The beauty of a woman has set many a man’s foot on the slippery slope to ruin.

  • If we forgive an enemy, he will become just a forgiven enemy.

  • We hide from ourselves the horror of what we may only be, - mere minutiae in both time and space.

  • Today, many of the things that we regard as Important will pass from memory; and many of the things that seem inconsequential will be preserved a lifetime; and we will never understand why.

  • Young people are prone to riot, not so much because for the reason that they say, but for the reason of their not having the recognition from society that they once had from their parents.

  • We could look at our lives as disposable containers in which we seek to empty thoroughly of life before being discarded.

  • If you have a need, for those about you to tell you how wonderful you are, then clearly you don’t know yourself.

  • Many men never marry; and we would like to believe that this is out of consideration for women; though perhaps we should suspect a different motive.

  • Misery no longer is satisfied with merely loving company; today misery demands and creates more misery.

  • The longer a person invests one’s life in a belief, the greater the reluctance to part with it even if it is clearly shown to be harmful to one’s past, present, and future.

  • Power is one of the most addictive drugs; the more that is taken, the more that is sought.

  • Middle-age is like a forest fire of the dreams of man, yet for a few, it is the beginning of a time of reforestation.

  • Being a bore is a malady without any happy remedies.

  • In a sense, we are all test-tube babies since each child is an experiment with unknown results.

  • Ambivalence can be used as a weapon in war or as an advantage in competition when ambivalence can be created in an opponent. Ambivalence usually results in hesitation. Although it is false, in many circumstances, the saying “He who hesitates is lost.” is on target when in competition.

  • There are those that so fear nonexistence, that they would probably choose Hell as an alternative.

  • Violence is very often the response of those that can’t reason and for this reason alone, we should instruct reasoning as soon a possible to our young.

  • We should each try to become the kind of person that we would want to share our remaining years.

  • Some individuals are so prone to finding fault, that we should suspect that immediately after passing “The Pearly Gates” that they’ll turn and ask St. Peter for the location of the nearest suggestion box.


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