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  • What we call truths, are not the actual truths, but only the words that we use to describe that which has always been present just waiting for us to reveal.

  • Arguments won remain opinions two.

  • In the long history of mankind, no crime has been so often treated as a capital offence as the crime of having a different opinion.

  • One thing that is in abundance, yet is created from nothing, is ignorance.

  • One fortunate thing about the road to truth is that it is one-way only, no matter how much the revisionists may object.

  • Anyone that believes that scientific change should be halted is like the horseback rider that would yell “Whoa!” while the horse is jumping a fence.

  • Hyperbole and half truths are truths on the outside but lies on the inside.

  • When an old cherished belief dies, it is a mistake to embalm it.

  • Calling the wisdom of the ancients irrelevant is like calling the Mona Lisa just a mixture of three basic colors.

  • Knowing what is wise in life and then ignoring it are like the person that keeps a sundial beside the bed to ensure that one doesn’t oversleep.

  • Pride, an icon of much of modern American life, is a kind of parasite that has been placed within us to enable our ready exploitation by others.

  • It is enormously easier to believe that we understand one another than it is to actually do so.

  • Possessing facts and possessing knowledge are different in the sense that a telephone directory contains many facts but we would not say that it possesses knowledge.

  • Many times it seems rational to wonder if perhaps the chimpanzee didn’t really evolve from man.

  • Each nation creates its own myths of what has been and fantasies of what will be so that its citizens might be more willing to defend and die for their nation.

  • No matter how strongly we believe in a truth, and no matter how objectively obtained that believed truth is, there will always remain the question if anything that we believe is really the truth.

  • Whether there is a Heaven and Hell after death is theoretical at best. Whether there is a heaven and hell before death is certain at least.

  • Where things are least known there is a maximum of opinions. Where things are most certain there is a minimum of opinions. Thus is explained why there are so many opinions regarding the nature of God and so few opinions regarding the nature of the color red.

  • “Certainty” shouldn’t be thought of as what exists without an alternative, but only the belief or feeling of what exists without an alternative. When we hear another say what is certain, we could scarcely contend that that isn’t the person’s belief or feeling.

  • Be slow to judge harshly any calamity, because many calamities redirect us in directions that are much more fulfilling than the original.

  • There are many that don’t believe for a second that crime doesn’t pay, but they do believe 100% of the time that getting caught doesn’t pay.

  • Marriage is more than a document; it is a pledge of two to become one for the remainder of their lives, and exists even in the absence of a document.


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Page 49 of  131

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