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  • It is rather amazing that those who believe that magic is a fake believe that government isn’t.

  • The secret of a successful society today is to have slavery without the slaves recognizing that they’re slaves.

  • The way our government has corrupted their consumer price index, the cost of living should really be called “the cost of surviving index”.

  • Government cannot create wealth by decree. If the government is involved at all in creating wealth, it is in permitting individuals and corporations to do what they are already inclined to do, which is to create wealth and thereby become wealthier. The government can encourage wealth creation by tax reductions but never by redistributing what others have created.

  • Democracy evolves into tyranny of the yet to be born through incurring debt; the yet to be born don’t get a voice in the kind of world that they will inherit.

  • Probably the most destructive act of government is when legislation is passed that tends to make the individual less responsible for that person’s future and therefore more dependent on government.

  • Since the U.S. government operates at a huge deficit by spending more than the government collects in taxes, those taxes will be paid by those of the future that have no say-so on this matter. Such a practice, to promote the political goals of today’s politicians, is totally without any moral foundation and borders on outright thievery. Many claim that the character of individuals is revealed in how they treat those that cannot benefit them. Politicians today abuse those of the future because those of the future can in no way benefit them. By this standard, today’s politicians reveal their near total lack of character.

  • Few things are as frightening as when bureaucrats are given power over a nation’s citizens.

  • “Banana republic” is a commonly used derogatory term that was once applied to the countries of Central and South America. They were characterized by large wealth and income inequities, poor infrastructure, poor schools, low capital spending, a reliance on foreign capital, dependency on printing money, budget deficits, and a weakening currency. It seems that we either do, or soon will, fully qualify as a “bananaless” republic.

  • A democracy tends to evolve into a nation composed of “Have Nots” and “Have Alls”.

  • If, as it is said, that responsibility is the price of freedom, then the corollary to that would be that slavery is the reward of dependency.


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