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  • Often we can see better with our eyes closed in a darkened room than with our eyes open in the sunlight.

  • In nearly every case, we ridicule that which we fear and praise that which we love.

  • Perhaps we should live so that our death certificates list the cause of our death as “living”.

  • Impatience is often as productive as breaking an egg to find out if it really contains a chick.

  • It is often heard that one has found the one person in the world that is their perfect soul mate. This is probably just a bit of whimsy, but even if there were ten thousand such perfect soul mates, to find just one of them to share a life with is still just short of miraculous.

  • When a loved one is lost, we tend to mourn of the loss instead of rejoicing that the person existed at all. Their existence is more the miracle than is their death.

  • It seems illogical but is still true, that the more of ourselves we give, the more of ourselves we have left to give.

  • We can always find somebody to blame for our mistakes, even if it’s our mothers for just having us.

  • The fact that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line is unhelpful in life when seeking happiness. This is because we can never know where happiness is except by wandering until a clue is found. Only then does our wandering path begin to straighten.

  • When we set off on our sea of dreams, there is seldom a need to zigzag; as virtually all of the torpedoes aimed at us will be found to be duds.

  • Life is often called “a game of give and take”, and for many it is; but wouldn’t it be better if it weren’t a game at all, but a long succession of giving and receiving?

  • The deeper we plow our ruts, the more they resemble our graves.

  • Our shadows lengthen as the sun moves towards the horizon until we are cast into the black shadow of the Earth itself. We can do the same to ourselves when we permit ourselves to dwell on a particular fear until the joy of life is drained and replaced with the blackness of despair. Whenever the shadows start to lengthen, it’s time to turn on the lights.

  • To offer a defense of yourself on any matter outside of a courtroom is always a sign of weakness. It is a sign of strength to offer no defense in matters where a defense would be expected.

  • One of the most certain ways to get another to reveal a secret is to show no concern for knowing it.

  • The antidote for an irrational fear is the courage to ignore it.

  • Each of us should have our own dreams. Those dreams that are not our own, are only the leftovers from the feasts of others.

  • If, in your imitation of others, you find that you attract others, it isn’t you that attracts them but the ones you imitate.

  • There is no courtesy desk for us to go to get a refund on an unused life.

  • Take pity on those that come to reform you.

  • If we ever seize the moment, we need to have some idea of where we’ll release it.

  • At times we may see beauty where others see none. We should always feel blessed when we find another that can share the beauty that we once thought was for our eyes alone.

  • The worst kind of heart failure is the failure of the heart to ever love.

  • Life is rather like riding a bicycle in that keeping our balance doesn’t pose a problem until we start to slow.

  • Happiness never searches for those that just wait for it.

  • What could we ever gain from a lie that would be worth the risk of a lost reputation?

  • Daydreams are like electrical appliances: neither produces anything until energy is applied.

  • To say: “I don’t know.” when that is true, produces a higher opinion from others than to present guesses as though they were facts.

  • An elephant isn’t troubled over a pebble in its path but an ant might be. So it is with people, as the smallest among us are troubled by the many small things that others never seem to notice.

  • Awareness of our ignorance tends to nurture our minds; but our certainties tend to be toxic.

  • It is easier to forgive ourselves for what we’ve done than it is to forgive ourselves for not having done what we should have.


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