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  • Those that get a poor hand of cards are always anxious to reshuffle; and this is also true in card games.

  • Yesterday is but a memory; today is life, and tomorrow is only a hypothesis.

  • It seems that those that always want to be noticed must have some kind of problem believing in their own existence.

  • To change eating habits, nothing works a well as open-heart surgery.

  • Ideas that arouse emotions cause mankind to sprint; while ideas that arouse thought cause mankind to creep, but at least mankind creeps forward.

  • The average American is a myth searching for relevance in time of accelerating change.

  • We should remember that flypaper catches flies because it attracts, in much the same way that so many of life’s phenomena attract and capture our minds.

  • Even though we may understand every word, every sentence, and every page and chapter, we still may not understand the book.

  • Attitudes are the vanguard of what we will become.

  • Ideas, beliefs, expectations, and tastes, are just like people in that they all suffer greatly from inbreeding.

  • The camera in our minds is like the camera in our hands in that both preserve images that neither grow old nor leave us.

  • Misunderstandings aren’t the same as merely not understanding, though the latter is often the cause of the former; in much the same way that indebtedness is not bankruptcy but it is a precondition to the latter.

  • Characteristic of today is that families are more concerned about the condition of their furniture than the condition of their minds. Furniture may be seen by visitors to our homes; but the condition of our minds is on display wherever we go. A gift is not valued for its wrappings, but for its contents.

  • Memory may be the cheapest guide to the future, but it is often the most expensive.

  • We are incapable of knowing our limits; we only know the limits of what we have done.

  • There are many times when our minds see much more than our eyes.

  • Few things are as corrupting to the youth as adults that profess ideals but deliver only lip service.

  • The most important step towards being creative is taken when one abandons and forgets all of the instructions of how things should be done, and how one should think.

  • One of, if not the most tragic things about humans, are the abilities that die inside of each human long before their bodies die. If we were only more skilled in tapping this resource, most of the world’s problems would cease.

  • Little white lies reveal the character of another the way that little white tips of an iceberg warns of what is not revealed.

  • The majority of fears that we flee from, pose more danger in the fleeing than in the ignoring.

  • Those that are mean to small creatures should never possess power over others, not even their children.

  • If mankind is to be pitied for anything, it should be for our delusion of unbounded intellect, knowledge, and wisdom when it is so obvious that there is so little of all three.

  • Perhaps even more different than the physical attributes of men and women, are their very different kinds of madness.

  • It the most deadened soul that can look at a human tragedy and see only a statistic.

  • Why do we call it “growing old” when little grows and most shrivels?

  • We, as a disparate group, are destined to become one, but one what?

  • Our expectations grow up to become saboteurs of our future happiness.

  • Many that claim to already know themselves, use this as an excuse for not knowing themselves more.


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Page 50 of  161

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