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  • Truth is often more destroyed by those that defend it corruptly than those that would seek to destroy it by any means.

  • Anyone that believes that the love of money is the root of all evil hasn’t examined ignorance.

  • Any words or any acts that tends to lead away from that which is true, whether they be of deceit or ignorance is a corruption.

  • Nihilism is nothing that can be learned from something.

  • When you start believing something new, you start becoming something new. When you are something new you start believing something newer yet.

  • Many questions only deserve another question as an answer.

  • The only certainty of our knowing of that which is eternal will be in our contact with the eternal truths, because it is only the eternal truths that are certain to survive beyond the end of our Solar System.

  • To us, the period from 1000AD to 2000AD seems like a very long period; however the Earth is believed to be about 4.5 billion years old, a time span that we can’t begin to comprehend. We can comprehend seconds and years though, and this means that the last Millennium, related to the time the Earth has existed, is the same as seven seconds is to one year.

  • Do those that claim that they’re willing to die for their beliefs really believe that their dying will in any way preserve or promote those beliefs?

  • It is a curious fact of life that we ravage one another most over beliefs for which there is the least evidence supporting either side, and we ravage each other the least when there is clear and verifiable evidence supporting both positions.

  • Knowledge is to beliefs as the wind is to fire, in that the wind can fan one fire and extinguish another.

  • If everything worth doing were worth doing well, there would be a whole lot less things being done.

  • Perhaps love means never having to say you’re sorry, but consideration for a loved one is not similarly endowed.

  • Only a fool, or someone with a defective memory, would say that if life could be lived over again, that the same choices would he made, but this is far from saying that if life could have been lived over again that wiser choices would have been made.

  • It is perhaps wise to assume that we can only reap what we have sown, but it is foolish to assume that all that we reap is only that which we have sown.

  • The measures of goodness and of badness aren’t in the act but in the believers that judge the act.

  • The person that says “I don’t know.” will attract no followers while the person that claims to know will attract throngs even if what is known is completely false.

  • Once Determinism gives birth to Free Will, the child eats its mother.

  • If a whole truth got cut into two half truths and only one were given to us, we should wonder at the motive of the one that did the cutting and the content of that other half.

  • Those that believe that they can control another deceive themselves; all that can be done is to influence others and then call that influence “control”.

  • One strange thing about being human is that we have to learn so much in order to know how little we know.

  • There may be times when there is safety in numbers, but in general numbers increase, not reduce our peril, with the very least peril being when one is alone.

  • At the speed of change today, it might be just as important to be able to unlearn as to learn.

  • Based on probabilities alone, we would be closer to the truth if we abandoned all of our beliefs.


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