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  • Science is the perpetual effort to know and understand all, yet theologians most often reject science as though they fear that God will in fact be discovered and be understood, yet be unlike the gods that they’ve created.

  • No matter how old and decrepit that we may become, we remain as children to our maker.

  • Any that condemn doubt, demand servitude of our minds instead, and perhaps our bodies as well.

  • Life after death is rather like believing that once a candle is spent its candleholder then burns on.

  • Some seem to proclaim so strongly that you might think they intend to talk God into existence; others deny so strongly that you might think that they could deny God out of existence.

  • When the truths of the ancients agree with the truths of today, there is more likelihood of their being closer to the absolute truths than those newly discovered truths of today.

  • Perhaps the greatest miracle of The Bible is that it is capable of getting otherwise intelligent people to believe in its miracles.

  • If Hell were invented to punish sinners, or if Hell were only a concept invented to deter sinners, the concept serves equally well as far as mankind is concerned, as there is little likelihood of a documentary on Hell ever being shown.

  • It is probably significant that the Bible makes frequent positive references to wisdom but no reference at all to intellect; the latter without the former is usually the state of the tyrant.

  • It is easy to criticize religion as not being objective, but how can religion ever be objective when there is no verifiable object? If it were verifiable, it wouldn’t be called religion, it would be called-fact.

  • Since Jesus was outraged by money changers, think what he would have done with bingo players.

  • God has always moved in mysterious ways; who can explain His strange decision to create a Universe and then to place mankind in it?

  • The one that prays in private is really praying; the one that prays in public may also be really praying.

  • Theologies relentlessly try to impose their will on others by making their dogmas, disguised as commonly accepted values, a part of the nation’s laws. Dogmas, imposed on the unwilling, is as great of an evil as was the evil for which the dogma was intended.

  • Believing that which is true is power; believing something to be true that isn’t is weakness.

  • It is probable that almost all of our fears spring from our ignorance, yet those who profess to know God often say that we should fear God and His judgments. Perhaps this is a convoluted confession of their unknowing of God and His judgments.

  • Were it not for our fear of death, it is doubtful if there would be any theologies; however there would be religions, one of which would be humanism-the religion that the welfare of humankind is our greatest goal, and that death, like each birth, is only a small part of a whole.


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