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  • If we are to become free when our employment requires eight hours, then freedom will come from working nine. If we are required to move 100 stones, then freedom will come from moving 101. By choosing to do more than is required, we again gain the freedom of choice to do less each moment while working.

  • The habit of thought is not a thought; it is a rut. Only by breaking from the rut can one explore a new road or thought.

  • Short cuts often cuts short our benefits.

  • Accepting irrational explanations is like feeding a stray dog. The more often done, more is the certainty that both will remain.

  • "Opportunism" is calling whatever port we arrive in, as being our intended destination.

  • We should only use quotations to express more clearly our own thoughts. We should never use quotations in order to anoint ourselves as an authority, because this tends to only quell reason, and demand the submission of others.

  • Yielding to authority, which conflicts with reason, is wisdom in reverse.

  • Once happiness is found, itís wise to not grip it too firmly. Once lost, itís wise to not obsess over its loss. All one should do is leave the gate open for its return.

  • One of the greatest insecurities in a changing world is to cling to the securities of yesterday.

  • If we are to be judged to have any fault, it will be that we tend to find fault in others and not in ourselves.

  • If you want to make history, study the methods of the revisionists, they do it daily.

  • A heated argument is like rubbing two pieces of wood together, in that the heat may ignite the embers of a new idea.

  • It is a mistake to believe that most conversations are informative; rather their primary purpose is to affirm that the listener values the talker as is evidenced by the willingness to listen uncritically.

  • When an arrow is shot into the air, it is uncertain where it will alight, but it is certain that it will alight somewhere. But when an act of goodwill is shown to another, it is possible that the "arrow" of kindness may never come down.

  • Being the complete master of oneís fate is delusional except for the individual just before committing suicide.

  • When something bears down and produces constant anxiety, when possible, pay the price necessary to remove the burden and become free again.

  • Those that try to borrow fame from their ancestors are really guilty of easily recognized theft.

  • Putting your foot in your mouth isnít without benefit as it keeps you from saying another dumb thing.

  • Inactive minds, like stagnant pools, breed corruption and decay.

  • One should live so that oneís character and reputation are one and the same.

  • Freedom is like a huge tent that protects those sheltered below, but only as long as they are willing to support the tent.

  • Those that would criticize their government for doing things that produced unintended consequences fail to realize that such is typical of all human activity, even the activity of one person engaged in a relatively simple act often produces unintended effects, some of which are positive and some of which are negative.

  • You will never open a door that has never been opened unless you first find it locked.

  • Lies poison the minds of others and after a while poisons the mind of the poisoner as well.

  • Lighting a small quantity of tender can ignite a great fire, the same way that a small amount of curiosity, if fueled by mystery, can ignite a lifetime of learning.

  • One teaches best when the student regards what is learned as always been suspected.

  • It seems to be the nature of humans to persist in childish and adolescent behavior as long as they appear to be successful in getting what is wanted. It is unlikely that any of us matured merely because it was wise to do so.

  • Those that endlessly go about acquiring things may only be reflecting feelings of their personal deficiencies, deficiencies that can never be satisfied by acquisitions of things.

  • We often hear that ďIt isnít important whether you win or lose, itís how you play the game.Ē We never hear ďIt isnít important whether I win or lose, itís how I play the game."

  • It is as easy to find fault with another as it is difficult to find fault with oneself.

  • A kind act, unnoticed by any is worth ten noticed by many.


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