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  • Like a function of mathematics, "arrogance" is only "pride" taken to its highest power.

  • Good looks can be a curse to an individual because most attention is often paid to developing the exterior at the expense of the interior.

  • There are many in every culture that so strongly want to become a part of a group, that it is often irrelevant what the group is planning to do, as long as they have a name that sounds noble.

  • To the greedy, having surplus money is like having surplus life.

  • When some come to a fork in the road, they return home to look for another road.

  • Most conversations are like holes in the ground, composed only of beginnings and endings with a little air in between.

  • We are not fearful of things that we are certain canít harm us, but we do fear many things that certainly canít harm us.

  • Whenever we feel proud of that which we are or of what weíve done, we should reflect upon the many intervening necessary factors over which we had no control or influence. Then, humility will seem more appropriate than pride.

  • Each personís ignorance is near infinite, limited only by small crumbs of knowledge.

  • Certainty is the venom, which if allowed into our minds, invariably kills understanding.

  • When we peer out of the portholes we call eyes, we need to decide if we want to remain passengers for others to decide our destination, or seize the helm and steer our own way.

  • As the flower bears little resemblance to its fruit, so does an original idea bear little resemblance to its eventual effects.

  • One wasted product of life that can never be recycled is the time that is wasted.

  • Like a ship caught in a storm, the outcome of our lives is much more due to random events than we imagine. We plan for order, but randomness greatly influences whether we reach a safe-harbor or are swamped along the way.

  • Fear for the future because of other's radical dissent, is like having the fear of drowning in oneís cup of coffee.

  • There are many smart brains that are kept like spare tires,- to be used only in emergencies.

  • Each day of a life is like a fork in the road, one leading to more of what we are, and the other leading to becoming more than we were yesterday.

  • To find fault with anotherís food habits is scarcely different emotionally than finding fault with anotherís religion or politics.

  • Unless a sense of beauty exists within, beauty will never be found without.

  • Within each of us dwell many answers that life is yet to ask.

  • Every day we are being educated; it is up to us to be sure that this education helps us towards a better tomorrow, and to be sure that what we learn isnít destructive for our tomorrows.

  • Very many things function like salt when used on food; they are missed if not present but regarded as too much if easily recognized.

  • The point of no return is where we once were,and it is less attainable than where we will be. Many people fail to realize that each moment of life is a point of no return, and no matter how much we desire, we are compelled to press ahead.

  • As starvation of the body can occur by insufficient food intake, so can the spirit with each of us be starved by deprivation of nonmaterial needs such as love and kindness.

  • Though mankind has become the dominant force on our planet, we need to remember that in the planetís book of time that we are only a small footnote, a footnote that is developing the ability to destroy its book.

  • To reason with anotherís emotions is like trying to reason with a houseplant.

  • Life is a long journey in which we see neither map, nor compass, and most often, not even any light; if we are to grope forward at all, it will be by finding a map and compass that is within each of us.

  • To the wise person, knowledge is only well founded suspicions; to the unwise, suspicions are well founded knowledge.

  • The longer we stare into the black abyss, the stronger it beckons to us, and the more it becomes a part of us; then the fear of it is no more since we have become one.

  • Mankind is unique among all of life on this planet in its ability to overcome the fear of those things that are most feared; theologies have probably evolved to overcome the fear of dying while many things that we should fear and can be overcome in reality, such as our ignorance, arouse few fears and in many cases that ignorance is regarded as a virtue.

  • When we believe in one thing but do differently, we act like a train hurtling down its track and finding one rail going to the right and the other going to the left.

  • Perhaps, just perhaps the only purposes to be found in life are the ones that we place there.


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