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  • An abundance of knowledge in an individual that lacks wisdom is like a mighty ship at sea lost in a permanent fog and without a compass.

  • In order to avoid discord, it is easy to say that one believes, when one doesn’t, but such a lie may cause the other to act harmfully to him or others, and perhaps even you.

  • The wealth of a nation doesn't increase from a process that only changes wealth's ownership, but from the freedom of its individuals to create wealth. There are many that only want to take from the haves and give to the have-nots, and would prefer that no wealth ever be created if that meant that some would benefit more than others.

  • Bravery is never demonstrated by saying that which is known to be believed by others.

  • Ignorance may cause us great problems, but not nearly as much as will be caused by being certain of false knowledge.

  • If we withhold moral principles from children until they become teenagers, it is like withholding yeast from bread until after it is baked.

  • When some "speak their mind" we understand immediately why so few words are spoken.

  • Like the followers of King Canute that believed that he could hold back the ocean's tides, some seem to believe that they can find a way to hold back the tides of time.

  • What we call luck and bad-luck are mere clusters and voids of randomness that we believe have supernatural origins.

  • Unless you are the Pope, it is wise to assume that you may be in error.

  • "The word" is no less true because the wise do not ignore it, nor more true because the wise accept it.

  • Outwardly, the diamond and the zircon look identical but they really aren't, like the difference between one's true beliefs and what one professes.

  • As one gets old, all youth becomes more pleasing to the eye.

  • What's in a name? One should only assume that a name contains letters only. To assume more often leads to destructive false assumptions.

  • Perhaps in games, but seldom in real life, do we ever play on a level-playing field.


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