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  • Democracy flourishes on two myths; that we are all equal in the eyes of the law, and that our public officials reflect the collective will of the people.

  • There will always be waste when we set up redistribution of wealth schemes where an individual receives 100% of the benefits, but only pays a miniscule amount, or none of the costs.

  • Although we may decry the muckrakers in the media that seem willing go to any end to find fault with any candidate; we should remember that this may have been what the framers of the Constitution had in mind in wanting the electorate to be fully informed about whom they elect.

  • Leaders need to have four eyes, two focused on the horizon, and two focused to the rear to be sure that the others are still following,

  • Many laws should be regarded as legally enforced tastes.

  • When the cause of freedom becomes a secondary consideration to its citizens, it will be like coming in second in a ball game.

  • If the U.S. Constitution were intended to take the present and future governments off of the backs of its citizens, governments since that time, have been trying to cinch the saddle back on.


  • It seems obvious that any white person that had ancestors, and that were in America at the time of our Civil War, would in all likelihood not exist if it were not for that terrible war. Because of the vast human dislocations, enormous causalities, even more enormous disabilities to the survivors; as well as for other economic dislocations, it seems very unlikely that all of one's ancestors would be the same were it not for that war. In the absence of the same ancestors, that person obviously would not exist. Therefore, those people owe their very existence to the Civil War, and thus to the slavery that caused that war.

  • In the same theme, what black person, whose ancestors were slaves, could exist today were it not for slavery? Slavery existed much earlier than the Civil War, and those that were brought over from Africa as slaves, were dislocated far more than the whites were during the Civil War. It seems impossible to conceive how any black person whose ancestors were slaves, could exist today if were it not for slavery. Therefore all black people, whose ancestors were slaves, owe their very existence to the institution of slavery. So, who owes what to whom, and for what?

  • But one might argue that if there is no present African-American "victim", then there would be those in Africa that would exist were it not for slavery. Undoubtedly this is true, and for those non-existent individuals, reparations might be due.


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