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  • The world desperately needs less of "a tooth for a tooth" thinking and more of "together for a tomorrow" thinking.

  • Much of the attraction of theologies, as well as their sects, sub-sects and even atheism, is that their followers can feel superior by only assuming an impossible to refute hypotheses.

  • We are competent on many fewer things than we’d like to admit, but we are never competent to make a moral judgment of another.

  • Shunning someone because of their beliefs is rather like cutting down a flagpole because of its flag.

  • Isn’t it possible that the Creator also created evolution?

  • If one religion could suit everyone today and in the future, then that would be like a key that would fit every lock today and in the future. Eventually that key would be replicated to the extent that no one would use locks.

  • Mankind tends to feel omnipotent when considering all that civilization has done.But even the Great Pyramids of Egypt are paltry compared to very small mountains.

  • Since there is no verifiable evidence, there are not and can never be authorities on life after death. Each of our opinions is just as soundly based as any other.

  • Those that are secure in their beliefs feel no more threatened by other’s beliefs than an elephant does for a mouse.

  • "Perfection" is only an apparition, created to destroy the satisfactions in what we’ve accomplished.

  • It seems strange that anyone believes that God has so much insecurity that He could be jealous.

  • Many behave as if "The Lord’s Prayer" says, "My will be done".

  • In the contest between beliefs and verifiable truths, in the long-term, it is always wise to bet on the latter.

  • Perhaps when God created us to be different from one another, He also created a different path for us to return to Him. If so, no one religion can fit all.


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