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  • We should learn to laugh at ourselves so that we can understand the laughter of others at what we do.

  • Beware of those that proclaim that they know what others deserve for what they do, for these are the whiners that lust to have the power of decreeing the value of everything for each of us.

  • One can never feel free if they are constrained by mores and laws. If we are to be free, we must be willing to violate either, as long as our course complies with our consciences; as it is only our consciences that should constrain us.

  • It is certain that if we try to live forever, that we’ll die trying.

  • The vain tend to believe every flattery and no criticism. The skeptic tends to believe every criticism and no flattery.

  • We rarely need a helping hand once we learn that we already have two.

  • One of the first things that we need to understand is what we mean when we use the word “understand”.

  • The ease of controlling anything diminishes inversely by the square of the number of relevant variables within the thing that is being controlled.

  • To know of another’s religion, ignore their words and study their acts.

  • The impossible only loosens its grip after it discovers that you won’t.

  • We find it difficult, when confronted with problems, to not act; but in many situations that is the best “act” to perform in order to not worsen things.

  • Those that abide by their own council will always seem threatening to those that abide only by the council of the many.

  • Intense desires and intense fears are not in themselves harmful, but how we respond to them may be.

  • Predicting the future is one of the easiest things there is to do; it’s getting the future to obey that’s the hard part.

  • Those that take hope away from others give them motive to take everything from the taker.

  • Whether the load we carry in life is deemed unbearable or not is dependent on whether we focus on the burden or our destination,

  • Those that fear failure more than they long for success will fail more than they succeed.

  • The only population explosion that tends to worry teenagers is the part that might happen to them.

  • Those that build monuments to themselves have only succeeded in erecting obstacles to any that follow.

  • Once one has placed his hand on the tiller of his life, it shouldn’t be handed to another no matter how trusted; for another may choose a different port than your own.

  • Those that seek perfection in all that they do have honed the perfect tool in which to torment themselves.

  • Instead of first loving our enemies, perhaps we should see if we’re capable of loving those that we’re only neutral towards.

  • We each should live so that reputation and character are indistinguishable.

  • If you believe that what you do doesn’t make a difference, then you need to ask yourself” “What does?”

  • Most would discover unexpected exhilaration in just one day of taking full responsibility for everything that they’ve chosen to do.

  • The most precious gift that we can give a loved one daily is an improved version of our self.

  • Elderly men that take a young bride are like those that would buy a home next to a river during a draught.

  • The more we rationalize the more obvious our irrationality becomes.

  • When in despair, we can reach into the darkness of those of the past to find a hand that is always willing to help.

  • We should spend our lives as if we have none to spare.

  • Few things bore others as much as telling them of our earlier accomplishments.

  • The less discipline a people apply to themselves, the greater will become the outcry for government to discipline more.

  • There is no need to tempt fate, as it has its own agenda that doesn’t require our cooperation.

  • If we never learn to trust, we probably will never be cheated or to know what it is to love either.


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