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  • Americaís first dictator will first be called its savior.

  • Political skill is the ability to rapidly transform hope into hype.

  • Abuse is the shadow of power which moves with us and becomes more extreme the brighter the light which shines up on us.

  • The greater the concentration of power, the more it will be used arbitrarily.

  • When the governmentís policies inhibit private enterprise, which is the main source of wealth in a country, it tends to be like when a person gets a nosebleed, and someone applies a tourniquet to the neck; the success of stopping the nosebleed is guaranteed.

  • Something that the electorate should remember is that successful politicians need to be experts on only one thing, which is how to get reelected. Knowing this, it is easy to see why governments make such large blunders. They tend to be amateurs on what they enact into laws.

  • It is a true blessing to live in any country where the greatest obstacle to oneís happiness originates from within us.

  • The publicís ignorance is the perfect basis of successful politics as we know it today and it was probably always so.

  • Politicians will tell us the truth but only if it helps their reelection or is too obvious to hide.

  • No longer will an economic downturn be allowed to run its course, which if it had been allowed would have been much more painful but much shorter. It used to be, before governments started intervening, that what happened was like having a tooth yanked out. Today, the tooth is still being pulled, but done very slowly.

  • Political interests quite often conflict with what is in a nationís best interests, especially what is in a nationís long-term best interests. It has been, is, and always will be this way since political interests eventually destroy the long-term for the benefit of the short-term. This is so because the politicians and the electorate eventually become only interested in the short-term.

  • To test the corruptibility of someone, elect that person to public office.

  • A sound monetary system is the cornerstone of a long-lasting economy. Not only is it the cornerstone, it is also the foundation on which a sustainable healthy social and political system must be established or else both will eventually fail as they always have in the past. As it has always turned out in a democracy, the United Statesí once sound monetary system was sacrificed on the altar of political expediency.

  • Of all of the things in life which are addicting, nothing is as broadly addictive as power; and the greater the power the greater is its addiction.

  • If the United States is ever created again, there should be a fourth independent branch of government established as are the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial branches. It would be the financial branch which would have the power to regulate that countryís monetary system so that the other branches do not have any power whatsoever to interfere with its function as it does now. That branch would have its members selected like the nine members of that countryís Supreme Court. Only then will a fiat currency have any chance of retaining its buying power.

  • Those who create the most destruction to any society are not those who we put in prison; rather it is those who we put in office.

  • When politicians ask you for your vote, remember, with them itís never too late to predict their past accomplishments.

  • When widespread hope dies, revolutions are born.


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