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  • The Declaration of Independence says that we all have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It doesnít explicitly state that we have the right to end our lives, or that we have the right to engage others to end out lives. But, who would deny that we have the right to not pursue happiness, or that we have the right to engage others to thwart that pursuit. Who would argue that we have the light to end our liberty, as prisons do regularly and whom society engages others in ending the liberty of those justly convicted of a crime? Why, except for the corrupting influence of religion into to our laws, would we say that we donít have the right to end our own lives? And, why should we be denied the right to lawfully engage others to help us in ending our own lives, were it not again for the corrupting incursion of religion into our laws?

  • Do the words of any theology have any significance at all if they remain merely words?

  • We must surely have a very low opinion of God if we believe that He is favorably impressed by the monotony of our rituals and the parroting of our dogmas.

  • Mankind seems to find its inherent ignorance so intolerable, that if a rational understanding isnít available that it willingly accepts an irrational understanding no matter how improbable.

  • Unless a time and place are specified, it is impossible to ever be certain of the nonexistence of anything, which is a real problem for atheism.

  • Millions, perhaps billions, believe that they understand God while they have so little understandings of even themselves.

  • Is there a rational explanation as to why music is so uniformly prized by humans when there seems little evolutionary reason for its existence or appreciation? Perhaps this is an unrecognized gift from God.

  • Oneís true religion is not to be found in a chapel, and not to be found in any theology, but must be discovered, custom made, within each of us.

  • How is it possible that the love of Jesus can be part of a religion that believes in a God that would send souls to eternal torment in Hell, yet would ask us to be merciful and forgiving?

  • We should never forget that we see everything in human-terms only and therefore we judge everything in human-terms. We are forever barred from seeing things the way that God does, and therefore it is theological arrogance in the extreme to proclaim that we ever do.

  • The strength of a conviction bears an inverse relationship to the amount of knowledge on the subject.

  • We should never judge another on any matter; not because we may be judged by the same standard; not because judgment is perhaps harmful to the judged; not because we are always too ignorant to understand what moves another, but because to judge another is a self-induced poisoning of the soul of all those that judge, even when judging alone and in silence.

  • A moral person may commit an evil act and suffer the pangs of conscience afterwards, unless of course that evil act was done in the name of God.

  • One can tolerate being an infidel to all as long as one isnít an infidel to oneself.

  • Mankind doesnít kill one another over matters of fact; they destroy one another over assumptions that conflict, such as religion, politics, racial superiorities and inferiorities, and other matters that matter little if at all in the long run.


Comments - Our Religious Beliefs
Page 51 of  67

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