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  • The price of success is often total involvement. The reward for success is often total involvement too.

  • Military strategists have often predicted short and decisive wars; but up until the twenty-first century, what they got were long and decisive wars; and now in this century, it seems like we will be having short and indecisive wars.

  • More often than not, “I’ll do it later.” means “I’ll do it never.”

  • From the quantity of discontent in our country, you’d think that discontent was the goal of our people. Actually it is the goal of a few, especially those that want to sell us more of their trifles.

  • Criticism grows and flourishes in the field that is rich in ignorance.

  • We should never fear harming truths by disagreements as truths are unalterable; it is only the untruths that are placed in peril.

  • Some of the most important people in any life are those that recognize and develop the potential in each of us that we were unaware of existing.

  • The words of dissent are usually worth far more than the words of assent.

  • Unlike most praiseworthy acts, marriage is the one that is ideally done but once.

  • The boulder that most obstructs mankind’s progress is the one they call “It has always been done this way.”

  • Romantic love will forever seem to be an illusion for those that have never experienced it. For these, it will be like explaining the taste of chocolate to one that has never tasted it.

  • If distrust is to be rationally apportioned, it should be to the extent that power is vested in the few, not because of their ill intent, but because they are human.

  • What is planted today may be harvested later; but what is certain, is that what is not planted, will be harvested never. This is the way education works; in that we can never be sure of what is learned today will be needed tomorrow or perhaps never.

  • Those that tend to always be late are thieves of the time for those that wait.

  • A few with conviction are worth more than a multitude without.

  • Those answering phones at businesses are the modern equivalent of drawbridge operators.

  • When someone tells you that they want you to be perfectly frank or honest about something, they want approval, frank or otherwise.

  • Fashion tends to become a tyrant for the affluent.

  • The least worst thing about war is that it is often preferable to no war.

  • The more one gets to know another, the more one becomes aware of how little can be known.

  • Girls need to be reared so that they don’t believe the greatest reward that they can gain in life is a husband.

  • If the great apes were capable, they’d probably be glad that they didn’t descend from man.

  • We shouldn’t attempt weight reduction by losing our heads over diet plans.

  • It is interesting to speculate as to what we would do if one day we should find that there are to be no criminal acts ever committed. Would we just make new laws in order to create criminals, or would we only turn more directly against ourselves?

  • The safest love affairs are those that are so private that they never involve another.

  • Usually, the loudness of one’s argument is inversely proportional to its reasoning.


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