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  • Many take their family relationships as though they’re not just connected by blood but connected as if by Super Glue.

  • Ambivalence is understandable in many situations, but it can paralyze as well if it prevents decisiveness when a choice must be made.

  • If we allow ourselves to be surrounded by negative people, it is more likely that we’ll become more like them than that any of them will become like we are. This becomes a time to not try to educate, but a time to evacuate.

  • Every time that we unjustly blame another for what we do, we pass up an opportunity to be completely human by taking responsibility for what we do.

  • If wanting to change the world, we shouldn’t forget that we are a part of that world, and a very handy place to start.

  • It’s surprising how often, when people take their life in their hands, that they take others as well and then start juggling.

  • If you want to get honey without getting stung, stay out of the forest and go to the grocer.

  • The heaviest thing that we will ever carry, and the thing that we have the most difficulty in putting down, is when we carry a grudge.

  • There are many whose desire to acquire knowledge is fulfilled with the purchase of a book that is never read.

  • If one wants to be always diverted from the things in life that will eventually be deemed to matter most by each individual, then spend as much time as possible watching advertisements.

  • To turn away from reading because it disagrees with one’s beliefs is exactly why an individual should continue instead of stopping. One should be like a flowing stream in life and not a stagnant pond. This requires a continuing source of fresh water.

  • Some spend much of their lives looking for trouble, and once finding it, starts looking for someone to be its next recipient.

  • We can never know when we start anything, as to what it will become. The world’s longest lasting structures in Egypt all began with the placement of one stone and a plan.

  • When competing with another, few things provide as much advantage as planting ambivalence that causes the other to hesitate.

  • The future is never going to be predictable unless we are able to control all of the significant variables affecting it, something that seems very unlikely. Therefore the future will always be a trip into the unknown and therefore unknowable.

  • “It’s not my fault.” and “Don’t blame me” are two sentences that cause us to lose esteem in the eyes of others because they indicate that others already think negatively of us.

  • Pretending has one thing going for it. If we pretend that we have certain positive qualities long enough, after a while they tend to take root and start to grow.

  • Try to think of each failure as one more obstacle that was gotten out of the way on the path to success.

  • When we appease a terrorist in a minor way, we invite terrorism in a major way.

  • Without any doubt, there is much buried treasure still left in the world to be discovered if only we had a map to find it. Many search for happiness without the use of a map, because they overlook the map buried within themselves.

  • It takes as much courage to face your fears as it does will power to turn your back on the demands of your desires.

  • Spreading rumor and criticism is like spreading a disease; in that nobody gains and many lose including the spreader.


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Page 52 of  139

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