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  • Variety may be the spice of life, but when one is succeeding the variety provided by losing is like adding too much pepper.

  • It is the fate of most to never rise beyond becoming just a statistic.

  • We tend to think of the meaning of life as something that has been a constant throughout mankind’s existence. But the meaning of life, like the meanings of words, is in constant transition, never presenting itself as a ready target for us to bag and understand.

  • If trees could be vain, do you suppose that they’d summon tree surgeons to try and remove their rings?

  • It is an easier task to be virtuous while having wealth than it is while having little wealth.

  • Some ignore self-improvement as though they believed there was some danger of their overshooting perfection.

  • After age seventy, autumn is all the time as the leaves of calendars hasten to fall into our pasts.

  • Our existence is validated, not by merely existing, but by our actions towards that which exists outside of ourselves.

  • Almost all of our fears appear as an impenetrable barrier; but, they prove to be only a mirage if we just ignore and walk right through them.

  • When born, we enter the world without knowledge and acquire knowledge during the rest of life, only to end life knowing little more than when entering, when compared to that which still remained unknown. We seem knowledgeable only compared to our starting, not our ending.

  • That any one of us exists is so improbable as to seem impossible if we just stop and ponder the trillions of necessary causes that had to occur for each of us to just be.

  • Only the most superficial among us, is capable of understanding the plight of humanity and not become saddened by the process.

  • Physical deprivation and great affluence seem to both conspire against reasoning, with the former near absolute in so doing.

  • A mother can be looked at as our crutch during childhood that becomes our foundation to stand upon once grown.

  • In general, those unwilling to start over after a defeat, choose instead to go under.

  • It is said-“That as the twig is bent, so grows the tree”; but if not careful, the twig is broken and growth ends.

  • One of the secrets to finding happiness is to not only learn to like small things, but to also develop a passion for that which may seem inconsequential to others. One of the most certain ways to unhappiness is to develop a need for major things; a need that often leads to drugs and other self-destructive habits.

  • It is often seen that acquiring something that was long desired presents an emotional low point soon afterwards, as we sense that the desired object won’t provide the happiness that was expected. So it will always be, that the mere possession of anything will not be accompanied by the possession of even the smallest measure of happiness soon afterwards.

  • The way to another’s heart is through your ears.

  • Even the poorest among us is capable of giving to others that which is most treasured.

  • When we hold anything so dear that we would find it impossible to part with it and walk away, then we, instead of possessing that thing, that thing then possess us.

  • As the only way to not have wealth in jeopardy is to have no wealth, so is it also for us to have no beliefs in jeopardy is to have no beliefs. In both cases, the insecurities brought on by having wealth and beliefs, is a small cost to pay for the enrichment provided by both.

  • Anyone that is willing to do anything for money probably already has.

  • When we venture far from conventional thought, we run the risk of being thought mad or genius.

  • There is no statute of limitations for a bad reputation.

  • Americans have always had wanderlust; which explains how they walked from Asia to the southern tip of South America.

  • When any story has a happy ending, it doesn’t fully represent real life which never does.

  • Fulfillment, whatever that means to an individual, can never be found outside of ourselves. Whatever is external to us can only function as a tool to uncover that which is only within.

  • It is a paradox of our existence than we can be surrounded by others yet remain isolated; and that we can be all alone and still feel intimately connected.

  • Love, only of oneself, thrives like an ingrown hair.

  • There are those that like to speak of themselves as being born again; but the ideal state of our being is to be born continuously, as we evolve to become that which we can never be quite sure.

  • The greatest love that we can bestow upon others is to help them become so independent that they may choose to leave us.

  • Those among us, that are truly the wealthiest, are those that are content with what they have and have want of no more.

  • Perhaps we are all like pieces of a giant jigsaw puzzle that will never make any sense until somehow we come to fit together.

  • If we’re so smart, why are our problems increasing instead of diminishing?

  • Few things are as explosive as well aged patience.


Comments - Our Human Nature
Page 52 of  161

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