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  • “I am.” Is as short of a sentence that we can make, but is also one of the most profound; for in our being we proclaim that we are not part of a whole, but that we are the whole of our own existence. Being the entirety of an entity means that we aren’t obligated by our existence to conform to the standards of others any more than they are obligated to conform to ours; we are free to pursue our own goals as long as they don’t destroy another’s pursuits; we are free to suffer the consequences as well as the rewards of our acts, and that we are free to continuing existing without any restraints from others as long as we don’t obstruct them. In other words, “I am” embodies the profound declaration, - “I am free.”

  • An untruth, all by itself, is far easier to detect than an untruth imbedded within several truths, and helps explain why so many untruths are now imbedded within our beliefs. Strychnine would not ever be swallowed alone because of its bitterness, but mixed in with other desired foods, it becomes fatal.

  • Perhaps the greatest secret in America today, is how little material wealth is actually needed to open the doors to happiness.

  • Those that believe that “A rising tide lifts all ships.” will be left forever waiting at the dock for the Titanic.

  • Although I hold dear all that I believe today, I hope that what I believe tomorrow will not be the same as what I believe today.

  • Ideals are valuable to possess, not because we ever expect to arrive there, but because ideals serve as navigational tools to aid us in getting to our realistic life-goals.

  • It’s difficult to believe that the statement “Leaders are born, not made.” could be believed by anyone. This is like saying that Michael Jordan would have been the same great NBA player that he was whether he ever practiced or not.

  • It’s best to always stand for the truth, even when you don’t know what it is.

  • The difference between believing and make-believing is that the last is aware of its falseness while the first isn’t.

  • One’s understanding must come before being understood.

  • On the rare moments that we glimpse the truth, we shouldn’t blink lest it disappear.

  • Beauty is something that can be discovered almost anywhere; beauty can be found even in the movement of one’s body if one would only concentrate on its discovery.

  • It is unreasonable to believe that reason is always reasonable.

  • Memories are like wines; some may improve with age and others may spoil, but none remain as they first were made.

  • Just because another has definite and strong opinions about things doesn’t make that person a know-it-all unless the person has definite and strong opinions about all things.

  • Like being in a labor union, we shouldn’t expect life’s great benefits unless we’re willing to pay our dues.

  • Repetitive thoughts tend to wear ruts in both one’s mind and character, causing thoughts to become beliefs and beliefs to become acts. For this reason care should be given to our persistent thoughts.

  • Few things will generate as much coercion of others as the doubts struggling within those that coerce.

  • Originality and uniqueness about our ideas aren’t the same thing; the first we can know, but the second we can never know for sure.

  • When the wealthy are loved, it is easy for them to believe that it is they that are loved and not their wealth.

  • When a game is made-up, rules are made to determine what is fair and unfair; however in life, there are those that constantly rail about things being unfair to one group or another. The problem is that those that rail are the ones that make-up the rules to then judge others. Life is far from a game, and there can be no rules of fairness or unfairness except by pretending.

  • Beliefs and opinions bristle with self-interest while facts have no need of followers.

  • Any truth is hypothetical but the search for truth is certain.

  • When one requires recognition by others as being successful, then success is lacking; success comes from achieving one’s own goals, not those chosen by others. If one’s success requires recognition by others, then one has failed in being secure.

  • The swords are no more useful against beliefs and ideas than they are against the wind.

  • Many believe that there is Earthly immortality, but this is just one of our many delusions. What we are exists only as long as those that we have had contact with, also live and remember us. After that we become mere words where those that may write about us will mold what we were into whatever they want us to be, and after a few generations the product will bear little relationship to what we were other than the name that we left behind.


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Page 52 of  131

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