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  • Idolatry is more common than we generally suppose, and the most common idol of all is oneself.

  • Perhaps there really is no Heaven, but there sure seems to be lots of samples of it here on Earth.

  • Nothing that is real is incorruptible regardless of what noble name is inscribed on it, and anything that is real can be made uncorrupted again, but this requires that the corruption be recognized, something that few if any institutions ever do willingly.

  • The person that is most blessed is the person that is so content that the wish for tomorrow is for only another today.

  • If every person believed in God, or even the same God, that would not bring God into existence. If every person believed that there were no God that would not take God out of existence. God is not the product of believing, although most theologies function as though it were. Our beliefs should neither be strengthened nor weakened by another’s beliefs.

  • To pray and ask God to provide differently than He has seems like second-guessing God, and then placing our wants above His will.

  • The weaker the mind, the greater is the appeal of custom, ritual and dogma.

  • Why is it that our beliefs are held dear when so many are ill-founded on what is known, and why is it that we hold those beliefs most dear the more they are ill-founded on what is known? Perhaps this is because our beliefs are what we identify as being what we are, and the more unsupported those beliefs, the more we become an individual and not merely just another small part of humanity.

  • Few would want to be around a masochist, especially one that practices the Golden Rule.

  • What kind of religious person would pray that God reward those that pray at the expense of others?

  • Many, if not most theologies, rant against the skepticism that science promotes without ever recognizing that science may be providing a firmer foundation for understanding God than does mysticism, myth, and a doctrine of infallibility.

  • A “create your own theology kit” would require the following: A hypothesis about the existence of a deity that can’t be proven false; a hypothetical punishment after death for transgressions; a hypothetical reward after death for a virtuous life; a charismic proponent of those beliefs, and a population hungry to find a purpose in living.

  • We should rejoice when we pray thanks for whatever God was about to deliver.

  • Faith is sometimes lost but never misplaced.

  • When a woman has a miscarriage, it may be that nature or God has only found something that shouldn’t be; if only mankind’s plans, that gave birth to evil, could have been miscarried during their pregnancies, so much better would be the world.

  • If the great apes could believe in an afterlife, they would find it impossible to believe that humans would ever inhabit there.


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