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  • Take heed of those passing you in the opposite direction, especially those that may have been turned back by what still lies ahead.

  • Your best offer will come just as you are walking out of the door.

  • While we were looking back at the past, the future just became the present.

  • Inaction, by those that claim to be virtuous, has resulted in far more harm in the world than by all those that intended harm.

  • Trust those that claim that they will turn right and then do so. Distrust those that claim that they will turn right and then turn left. The hypocrite can be found in all of life’s stations trying to lead others to where they had sought to avoid.

  • Inactivity is recommended in order to create heart problems but never to produce happiness.

  • When our mothers gave us life, they never gave us a warranty of satisfaction guaranteed. Satisfaction is to be found only in what we do with that gift.

  • Doing things in a certain order is of paramount importance; for instance thought before acting is usually positive while acting before thought is usually negative.

  • Nature places its bet on those that take natural law into consideration before acting. Those that bet on dogmas, superstitions, and authority, place their bets on phantoms.

  • Many prefer to dirty their words when confronting a problem instead of dirtying their hands.

  • Each dawning is the opening chapter in the book of each of our lives; a chapter than can be left empty or filled with whatever we choose to write in it, but only if we are free.

  • One thing, that seems to characterize those that wish to produce harm, is that they are energetic. If only those that should oppose them were half as energetic in their opposition, we’d have little to fear from them.

  • Negative patterns of thinking can accumulate over decades until it becomes one’s primary way of viewing life. Positive thoughts tend to leech and displace negative thoughts, the same way that rain leaches and displaces pollutants from the earth.

  • So many of the things that we believe we must have, turn out to be like a beautifully wrapped Christmas present containing nothing.

  • Using untruths to solve today’s problems are like trying to hammer bent nails.

  • When great evils are done, they aren’t done by those that conceive of the evils, but by others that are required to act in their behalf.

  • It seems that many of us have fallen in love with the act of loving; so much so that we often love humanity in general but ignore love in the specific even when the need for love is close by.

  • Far more courage is required to exist as an individual than to exist as a percentage of a group.

  • If we were only willing to talk about that which most impassions us, those that are willing to be near us would be few.

  • Great disaster waits for those that try to make life a perpetual carnival.

  • Though our eyes may function perfectly, our minds become myopic when we refuse to look at ideas that are different than our own.

  • To deter another’s behavior, or even our own, we need to make sure that we don’t reward a particular behavior. Punishment tends to be unrewarding for most; but there are some that find punishment rewarding. If possible, just ignoring behavior is the least rewarding response for those whose reward types are unknown.

  • The future of us all depends on our focus changing from “me” to “we”.


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