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  • The differences between what we believe, what we say, and what we do, bear an inverse relationship to happiness, as the most unhappy are those that have the largest differences.

  • Whenever one feels that there’s no purpose in life, then that’s the time to put one there. In the past when we believed that there was a purpose in life, it was because someone else put one there. A truly free mind should feel free to assume any purpose in life that fits with one’s natural inclinations.

  • It is personally corrupting to hold on to any belief that we have persuasive reasons to abandon as false; it is the worst kind of corruption to impart by any means, those beliefs on to another.

  • The beliefs that most have are mere collections of other’s beliefs that have been gathered over a lifetime, with little or no effort to test as to whether they possess harmony or conflict; in any case most beliefs cannot be described as a system of beliefs. A system of beliefs employs a sequence which causes one’s beliefs to flow logically from one to another and always be tested for harmony and the absence of conflict for their adoption.

  • That we can justify an act is meaningless, as we can always find a justification for any act as long as we are allowed to make the assumptions.

  • We tend to believe what we want to, because we tend to remember what we want to remember, and forget what we want to forget.

  • There can be no final truths, only final efforts in seeking truth.

  • When there are no facts, latch onto a theory; when facts arrive abandon the theory. Many of the beliefs of today are the result of doing the former and not the latter.

  • The beliefs that should be most suspected are the one’s that we find to be held in common with those around us, for untruths are most easily learned when they seem to be held by the majority.

  • It shouldn’t surprise us that truth is stranger than fiction since fiction is limited to our imaginations while reality is only limited by the laws of nature of which our imaginations are but a small speck.

  • Though many, and perhaps most of our beliefs, cannot be proven absolutely, that is no reason for their abandonment, and likewise that is also no reason for their unquestioned acceptance.

  • Because an argument is won, the winner is no closer to the truth than before and the loser is perhaps closer but also perhaps no further away.

  • If you were talented at sculpturing, you might make a statue that you would regard as beautiful; if the statue could think, would it be proud of itself? This is what we do whenever we are proud of what our sculptures have made, and even of the brains and talents that we also like to believe were our creations.

  • The saying: “Crime never pays.” Is obviously false since it frequently does pay; what is also true is that when crime doesn’t pay, it collects a fee that makes the person wish that the last crime had been left undone.

  • Those that believe themselves to be free will never be free from the certain threat that will arise from those that are not free.

  • We all find the greatest comfort in being surrounded by those with like beliefs, and this is a part of human nature; to choose to be around those with varying beliefs is discomforting and is not a part of human nature, but it is a part of becoming different from what we were.


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Page 53 of  131

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