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  • We often spread camouflage netting, in the form of words, over our weaknesses to make them appear as strengths, and at other times to make them to not appear at all.

  • The freedom that democracy provides, gives each person the right to choose what kind of taskmaster they will have, be it economic, social, theological, or the paternal twins named fear and desire. Some will not choose any and will remain free.

  • Longfellow said: “All things come round to him who will but wait.” Perhaps in his time this was a promise; but today, it seems more like a warning.

  • Those that are most suspect are those that suspect others the most.

  • It’s always risky to change but today, it’s even riskier to not change.

  • Much too much time is being spent trying to mend the “unmendable” that should have been spent trying to create the creatable.

  • “It might have been.” is the future lament of those that are so afraid of failure that they will only try those things that seem to guarantee success.

  • What is planted today may be harvested later; but what is certain, is that which is not planted, will be harvested never. This is the way education works; in that we can never be sure of what is learned today will be needed tomorrow or perhaps never.

  • One should look at a failure as an unintended success whose value is undiscovered.

  • We should act towards others with kindness so often that we will never remember any one act from among the many, even though many recipients will never forget that act of kindness or the person that acted.

  • Sometimes if you don’t execute your ideas, they’ll attempt to execute you.

  • When one wears snowshoes, shallow prints are made in the snow that are easily concealed by the wind. When one doesn’t use snowshoes, deep impressions are made that the wind seldom conceals. We need, in our passage through life, to never wear snowshoes, but concentrate our efforts if anyone wants to leave impressions that last longer than the impending winds of time.

  • To give more in order to get more, one often gets less than giving more without concern for getting more.

  • It is easy to get others to speak well of you; all you have to do is die.

  • Few will appreciate a person’s good qualities if that person submits them for approval.

  • Unlike most praiseworthy acts, marriage is the one that is ideally done but once.

  • To most people, principles are only adornments to be tossed overboard if inconvenient to any task at hand.

  • There are some that believe that using big words indicates big thoughts.

  • It is the fool that doesn’t prepare for the future; and it is the fool that only prepares for the future.

  • Many carry their private theories through life as a kind of bulletproof vest to protect themselves against life’s penetrating realities.

  • Any evil thought should be considered desirable if it serves as an alternative to an act.

  • We shouldn’t attempt weight reduction by losing our heads over diet plans.

  • There are far more acts committed to planning than there are plans committing to action.

  • The time that we start to be wise, is the first time that we try to plumb our ignorance.

  • Instead of trying to civilize those cultures that have been isolated from us, we should first finish the largely uncompleted job on ourselves.

  • Desperate choices are almost always regretted choices.

  • It is much wiser to desire action than mere possession of things. The first offers possible growth while the latter rarely does.


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