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  • No matter how confining life’s circumstances are, our minds always remain free to roam wherever we direct them.

  • It is unlikely that we will ever know anyone the way we like to believe, but even if we did, and especially if there has been a long time since “knowing” them, they are probably so different now as to make them just familiar strangers.

  • What person could be so shallow as to prefer the adulation of the masses to the deep love of just one other person?

  • Everybody wants to be somebody, even if it’s somebody else.

  • We lead young people into a bottomless quagmire when we knowingly teach them beliefs that will evolve into the delusions that are certain to fail them later in life. It is easy for children to grasp and deal with reality if they are not “protected” from it.

  • There are many that don’t see the glass half empty; rather they see it completely full, but full of seawater.

  • There is no courtesy desk for us to go to get a refund on an unused life.

  • In general, people are like rivers; in that the shallower they are, the more noise they tend to make.

  • The intellect of someone that truly isn’t surprised by anything in today’s world needs to get on life-support immediately.

  • Those that are the most defensive are the ones that are most vulnerable should they be attacked. Defenses, if they are to be effective against all threats, require that one be static and disperse resources everywhere; while the attacker can choose the time and place of attack, plus the attacker can concentrate his resources at one point, virtually assuring a successful assault. In warfare and in personal dealings, it is almost always unwise to become defensive in one’s thinking.

  • Often we can see better with our eyes closed in a darkened room, than with our eyes open in the sunlight.

  • If someone believes himself to be indispensable, does he then believe himself to be no longer mortal?

  • Adults are just larger children with their delusions amended; but then again, some are just larger children.

  • There are those whose fun is deadly serious.

  • If “As the twig is bent, so grows the tree.” is true, then we must suppose from our crime rate that there must have been a whole lot of twig bending going on to account for so many crooked trees.

  • In the never beginning and never ending flow of eternity, we are but bits of flotsam that momentarily rise to the surface just before we descend back into our beginnings.

  • It seems illogical but is still true, that the more of ourselves we give, the more of ourselves we have left to give.

  • We are introduced to many before we are introduced to ourselves, assuming that we ever are.

  • The fact that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line is unhelpful in life in seeking happiness. This is because we can never know where happiness is except by wandering until a clue is found. Only then does our wandering path begin to straighten.

  • Most find possessions to be life enriching; but for some, possessions become their life. When this happens, possessions have conquered and now possess the former possessor.

  • If we attain the dreams of our childhood, that may satisfy the child still within but not the adult yet to be.

  • It seems to be in our nature to prefer spending a thousand dollars to do battle with another, rather than to spend a hundred dollars helping that same person.

  • Though highly neurotic individuals may be very unhappy, they often are the most interesting and entertaining of all individuals to the rest of us.

  • The human mind is and will always be totally incapable of comprehending very large or very small numbers, let alone the infinity of time and space, or even the time required for a single bit to flow through a microprocessor.

  • Wherever we go, we pass by them and they pass by us without any ever knowing any of the beauty hidden deep within all, a beauty crying out for sharing but knowing that the sharing can never be.

  • Self-discipline is thought to be a prison to those that have none; but it is the only tool that can free us from the servitude of the emotions named fear and desire.

  • Whenever we are deceived, we are always an accomplice in our own deception.

  • When we want to train an animal, we give it a morsel of food when it does what we want. Likewise are humans, and the tastiest morsel that we can give to others is our bragging about them in their presence.

  • We are always forced to make up our lives as we go along, even if we plan well for the future. The reason why this is so, is that no plan can take into account all of the potential significant variables that will intercede to alter the fulfilling of our plans.

  • Few things so impoverish us as our discontent.


Comments - Our Human Nature
Page 54 of  161

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