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  • It is very unlikely that God gave a yardstick to any institution to measure one’s worth; as God has made each of us different in both body and spirit, the yardstick for measuring our worth is to be found within each of us, and we as well as any institution, no matter how exalted they claim to be, judge the work of God when judging another by their standards.

  • In most circumstances we believe that the richness of life is proportional to quantity, but in religion, modern man tends to believe that richness is inversely proportional to the number of gods believed in; many believe that the ultimate richness is in having none.

  • Those that are virtuous in life, in the total absence of concern about their being a Heaven or Hell, possess true virtue; those that do the same, only because of their beliefs in Heaven and Hell, are really only barterers without true virtue.

  • Failures in life shouldn’t be despondent, as it may have been God’s intentions that they be created only to serve as bad examples for others to avoid, and in this they’ve succeeded.

  • Today, we are discovering a kind of religious zealot that seems to believe that the shortest route to Heaven is by way of Hell.

  • Can anyone ever be so naively arrogant as those that believe that their religious beliefs are the only ones that are acceptable to God?

  • Any theology, stripped of its rituals and dogmas, becomes a religion.

  • Mankind is so self-deceiving as to its self-importance that perhaps it only imagined itself important enough to have life after death.

  • Faith is perfect for arresting the mind and immunizing it against the disease of learning.

  • If we believe that God created us in our uniqueness, who are we to meddle by imitating others instead of fulfilling the unique purpose our Maker intended?

  • All biblical references to God find Him not within temples and cathedrals, but wherever man may be found, whether on a mountain, a road, or within one’s home. These great impressive monuments to God may only serve to detract from Him rather than cause us to seek Him throughout our daily lives.

  • Love of God is its own reward and requires no subsequent benefits for its existence; those that profess love of God only for the promises of heaven, love heaven instead.

  • The pathway that leads to personal happiness has no name because each person’s pathway is that person’s alone; it starts from a location specific to that person; it involves a means specific to that person; and it involves a timetable specific to that person. There is no “one pathway fits all” that others can provide; in fact the only pathway is found within the individual, and not in books, lectures, and sermons. It is available to all who are not afraid to face what they fear within and refuse to recoil and turn back from what they discover.

  • Freewill doesn’t mean that one is free to choose anything; rather freewill means that one is able to choose any of the alternatives that exist. The list of alternatives can be made so small as to make freewill a concept only or expanded to the point that a person feels capable of soaring, unaided by anything.

  • The world has many that would rather die clinging to a falsehood than to live with the truth.

  • It may be that some of our faiths will eventually be proven to be true; the problem is that we don’t know which ones or how many or few will be.


Comments - Our Religious Beliefs
Page 54 of  67

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