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  • There is a no-deposit no-return policy once we have used up the planet Earth.

  • Brussels sprouts are the cabbages of would be snobs.

  • Some have learned how to lease others with only the payment of a few words.

  • If you canít add apples and oranges, then what is algebra all about?

  • Successful flattering is taking advantage of anotherís weakness in a friendly kind of way.

  • Misinformation is far more harmful than no information. Unfortunately the former often comes labeled as informatio.

  • We should worry about the problem-solvers just in case they ever run out of problems. Perhaps we should keep a few in reserve just to prevent their manufacture.

  • If history keeps repeating itself, why do humans think theyíre so smart?

  • The law of unintended consequences finally explains why most of us are here.

  • Anyone that requires a virgin in marriage is one that desires a student and fears a teacher.

  • Opportunity most often comes to us labeled as ďa problemĒ.

  • Just think how much better the world would be if our desire for accepting advice were as strong as our desire for giving it.

  • Much advertising is like the cheese on a mousetrap, meant to entrap, not to enrich.

  • A wedding anniversary celebration is more than the joy of what has been; it is also the promise of what will be.

  • Opportunity isnít like a coquette that walks over and sits in your lap encouraging you to act, rather it is more like that foul ball at the ball park that is caught by the person that thought to bring a glove.

  • A garden that canít grow weeds also canít grow vegetables.

  • One of the most overlooked addictions is the acquisition of knowledge, as it seems that the more we acquire of it by our own choosing, the greater becomes the desire for more.

  • Two of the things that are most easily confused, are our observations and our conclusions about observations. These could be nearly the same, but often they are very different but seem the same only to the observer that made the conclusion.

  • The bitterest lies are those beliefs that dwell in the mind but are too bitter to utter even to one other person.

  • There are no dead languages, only those that sleep, waiting to be awakened.

  • Today is more than just the name from seven days ago; it is the narrow aperture through which all of our tomorrows must pass.

  • Hopefully, parents will grow up as quickly as their children.

  • It must have been either a blind or desperate person that first ate a raw oyster.

  • Journalists are like bird-dogs on point, in that they point to whatever is sensational, and in the absence of the sensational, will point to that which is barely noticeable to everyone else and make it seem sensational.


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