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  • Those that are the most impatient for goodness are often the ones most likely to succumb to evil means for the acquisition of goodness.

  • A lie only tests the memory of another while weakening the character of the liar.

  • Usually when we do something that we believe to be wrong, it is because of another belief that commands more strongly.

  • As you can eat the flesh of an ox and remain weak, one can memorize the words of the wise and remain unwise.

  • We can hide from the results of what we chose, but we can never escape them.

  • Every person should hope to become so lost within the things that they love, that little heed is paid to the time and space that just happens to be drifting by.

  • We are like water in that we both must keep in motion to avoid becoming stagnant.

  • Unless we are willing to totally let go of the past, we can never be 100% in the present.

  • To hold back another means that you can move forward no faster than the other.

  • It is dishonest to look for the reasons for something that we’ve done, when those reasons didn’t exist before we acted.

  • The dark abyss starts to beckon to those that long stare into it.

  • Love often entails withholding that which the loved one wants most.

  • Our wisest words ever, are those words that are never spoken because they would have hurt another without benefiting anyone.

  • Saving time, when doing something, doesn’t add to our years, only to our options.

  • If you ever stand for anything, you’re sure to test the winds of controversy; like the only way a flagpole can ever escape the wind is by lying down.

  • We can’t make headway if our heads are buried in the past.

  • Broken bones heal faster and more completely than broken reputations.

  • Parents do their children no favor by withholding the fact that life is difficult. If the children believe otherwise, they will likely fail to prepare for the difficulties ahead.

  • One of the most difficult things to understand is someone that says “I know I’m going to regret this but I‘m going to do it anyway.” What better evidence can there be that the person’s body is ruling the mind?

  • Sometimes it’s easier to win if you don’t know the rules, or at least when pretending that you don’t.

  • Immediately taking the responsibility for one’s failings, will increase one’s reputation more than taking the credit for a hundred successes.

  • Always fish where others believe there to be no fish.

  • There is always someone that will bring up some remote possibility as a creditable argument against what is probable. It is as though someone believes in the possibility of a lightening bolt striking the person about to shoot him.

  • We can no more pre-live tomorrow’s hours than we can pre-eat tomorrow’s dinner. Those that dwell only on tomorrow’s happenings fail to dwell within today.

  • Nothing revives an opponent as much as the appearance of our wavering.

  • If you want to strengthen another, just ask for help.

  • The tongue does little work yet claims much.

  • The greatest obstacles in our paths are those that exist only in our fears.

  • Those that are persuaded by force are persuaded in appearance only.

  • The fastest way to put mistakes behind you is to admit to them and then try again.

  • If everyone seems to understand you, then it’s time to elaborate.

  • Those that are annoyed by small things will find that their happiness will become just another small thing.


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