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  • We are saddened by the dying of someone that seems to have so much life ahead; but that is the way life has always been, as even the leaves of trees don’t all fall at the same time.

  • Though we both stand side by side and look straight ahead, each of us sees things that are quite different in many ways.

  • We seemed moved in proportion to the size of our dreams, with small dreams moving us not at all. If we want to be moved by our dreams, they need to be large enough to do so; otherwise dreams become only wishes that die with the day.

  • To harbor a hatred is like choosing to harbor a cancer. If left unattended and allowed to continue growing, the prognosis becomes grave.

  • The haze of the past always seeps into the present to cloud our plans of the future.

  • It is alluring to claim to be free, and many do; but it is a very difficult struggle to become so.

  • Ideas flourish and grow when mixed with others: our ideas only sprout while alone.

  • There is no generic equivalent for love.

  • Were it not for our insecurities about what we are and what we believe, we’d have no concern as to whether others share our opinions or not.

  • When getting old, any list longer than two items needs to find pen and paper immediately.

  • We must endure our ignorance not out of choice but out of necessity, because the existence on non-ignorance is “non-possible”.

  • The one thing that we can’t fake is being funny.

  • Time flows by us like a river without our being any more able to slow or stop it than we can a river with only our hands.

  • A convention attended by only one, permits ideas to flood the levies that protect conventional thought.

  • First we play the game of life, and when that life is nearly over, we then learn its rules.

  • Excuses weaken the already weak; responsibility strengthens the already strong.

  • It seems to us that love is something that originates within us; but perhaps love is something that we merely become part of for a brief time, like when we ride a carousel. We ride several revolutions before we are finally forced off, even though the carousel will continue to revolve.

  • Our yesterdays are a burden that we must pull into our future with the certainty that the older we become, the heavier will be the burden, and the fewer there will be to help us pull.

  • Our pursuit of truth is often more enjoyable than is its acquisition.

  • Happiness never searches for those that just wait for it.

  • Everyone will say that they’re not perfect, but will always resent being told in what way they aren’t.

  • The most important tests that we need to pass are the ones that we give to ourselves.

  • Even the lighted candle casts a shadow beneath itself.

  • “If the shoe fits, wear it” may be good advice but only if there is no other shoe that also fits.

  • To know ourselves well is to discover ourselves within all others.

  • Adversity may not be the mother of wisdom, but it is a blood relative.

  • A blind person doesn’t see things even when they are present while a sighted person often sees things that aren’t there and never were.

  • An elephant isn’t troubled over a pebble in its path but an ant might be. So it is with people, as the smallest among us are troubled by the many small things that others never seem to notice.

  • Much of what we regard as mental disease would disappear if the nature of the individual were in harmony with what civilization says that it ought to be.

  • When we make a major mistake, the most likely major mistake in the future will be in doing to an extreme the exact opposite of what was done before.

  • When we hear complaints about the difficulty of life, they are really talking about how life turned out compared to their expectations. It is their expectations that should be blamed and not life, as most of the world’s peoples would gladly accept the difficulties of an average American in exchange for their own.

  • When we get carried to extremes, we usually find that there is nothing to carry us back again.

  • The only time that there is absolutely no conflicts between individuals, is when they are at rest in a cemetery.

  • To be original is easy once we stop being someone else.

  • We build our bodies one pound at a time with the foods that we eat; and we build our character one belief at a time by the concepts that we accept. For this reason we need to be at least as discerning of what concepts we accept as to what foods that we eat; and we should accept neither merely because they are presented to us.

  • Happiness, when found and grasped strongly, flees like grasping a handful of water. It is wiser to cup happiness gently and to sip it slowly.

  • We rarely need a helping hand once we learn that we already have two.


Comments - Our Human Nature
Page 55 of  161

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