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  • It is much easier for us to conceive of life after death than it is for us to conceive of an eternal void, and for this reason alone, mankind would have made up the belief of life after death whether Heaven and Hell existed or not.

  • It may be that God as well as our souls are not composed of matter, as are many of the things that we know exist, and to deny their existence, on the basis that they cannot be seen or measured, may be like denying the existence of radio waves before they were discovered to already exist in nature.

  • There are those that so fear nonexistence, that they would probably choose Hell as an alternative.

  • The most effective disciples of any religion are not those that go about trying to convince others of the errors of their ways, but those that go about living a life that others would want to imitate.

  • In spite of all of the erroneous reasoning about the existence of God, God may still exist beyond our reasoning.

  • In pursuing lifeís most important goals, pursue them as if God ordained your success. Let your successes or failures determine if He really did.

  • We should all pray that mankind, someday, will be bound together by our love of one another instead of the very strong binding forces of our hatreds of a common enemy.

  • We should wonder what God thinks of the hypocrite that speaks of religious faith but violates it repeatedly, sometimes even while speaking of that faith.

  • To assume that God must have form is to place limitations on God, and reveals the limitations of our minds.

  • Those that claim that they are necessary for interpreting the Words of God, must necessarily have a low opinion of Godís abilities to communicate. We should never doubt whether God is capable of communicating with us should He want. After all, we assume that He needs no interpreter in order to receive our prayers.

  • Perhaps all religions are the product of Godís providing each people with the messages that they needed at a certain time and place. Those that denigrate the religious beliefs of others may be denigrating some of Godís works, a function that may be more Satanic than Holy.

  • Even though we may see that most of mankindís theological beliefs are aimed at growing and protecting religious institutions, and are probably unrelated to the wants of God, we shouldnít, in our disbeliefs of theological dogmas, stop believing in God.

  • A religious creed, repeated a thousand times, may persuade those present that one is as the creed claims; however, it is probable that the only creeds that God notices are our acts not our words.

  • WARNING!-Thinking is dangerous to long held beliefs.


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