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  • We are all members of a production on the stage of life where some are stars, others supporting actors, stage hands, and musicians; and where there is only one performance scheduled.

  • How can people be expected to know themselves when they’ve never even been introduced?

  • One can never feel free if they are constrained by mores and laws. If we are to be free, we must be willing to violate either as long as our course complies with our consciences; as it is only our consciences that should constrain us

  • We have to wonder why those that claim to be “self-made” didn’t consult an architect before the construction started.

  • It is the most barren of lives that has never experienced the long deep love between a man and a woman; for in its absence we become like vines, forced to crawl on the earth and to never find anything on which to grow skyward.

  • When we visit the neighborhoods of our childhood, it is surprising how much less steep the hills are now and how the houses have shrunken. But, if the neighborhoods could awaken to see us, they probably wouldn’t recognize us either.

  • Intense desires and intense fears are not in themselves harmful, but how we respond to them may be.

  • We can be imprisoned by words more easily than we can by a prison made of concrete and steel, and forever remain unaware of our imprisonment.

  • Some seem to have a penchant for minimizing their reasoning in order to maximize their intolerances.

  • Children become adults not at age eighteen, but at the time that they no longer blame others for their condition and then assume the full responsibility for their future condition.

  • Within each of us, we are born with a well developed emotional-self and an infantile-intellectual self. As we develop and the latter becomes more developed, it will find itself in constant conflict with the former. In the vast majority of cases, the emotional-self will be the clear victor which leads most people to make poor life choices. It is for those alone, whose intellectual-self has won, to become free and realize the potential of what it is to be fully human.

  • One of life’s greatest joys is in sharing the hidden beauty of life that often seems made by God for us alone.

  • No person and no people are ever defeated until they raise the white flag of surrender within their own minds.

  • There is always that haunting fear that for all of one’s efforts, between birth and death, that we’ve accomplished, on balance, little more than, and perhaps not as much as a tree that may have sprouted on the day of our birth and lives on yet today.

  • We should spend our lives as if we have none to spare.

  • It is a source of continual amazement how many have opinions that they hold as absolute fact when there is so much verifiable evidence that there is no basis for believing and much more evidence to believe the opposite.

  • As an oasis will always attract the thirsty, power will always attract the weak that thirst after it.

  • Those that fear failure more than they long for success will fail more than they succeed.

  • Most would choose the promise of a sandwich tomorrow to a feast ten years hence.

  • It seems to be in the nature of children that they reach an age where they imagine themselves as instructors to their parents.

  • We should feel blessed that we are the only species that constantly wants to discover the limits of what we can be and what we can do. If we don’t succumb to the dark forces that cling to the ignorance of the past, mankind will never cease in this quest.

  • Prejudices are incubated in vacant lives that seem threatened by those they fear are not so afflicted.

  • The worst kind of heart failure is the failure of the heart to ever love.

  • Those that feel that the world is cheating them are correct as long as they consider themselves to be part of that world.

  • We are seldom more accurate in the certainty of anything as when we say: “I don’t understand.”

  • The closer we are to the source of a sound, the louder it is. For this reason, we find it hardest to ignore the ranting irrationalities within our own minds, and easiest to ignore the whisperings of wisdom from out of mankind’s past.

  • Glory is merely a seductive trifle that we pin to our lives in the ephemeral hope that we will become more by its presence, a futile hope that becomes more obvious the more there is time.

  • We always seem to search to get enough of whatever we seek but never find out what enough is until after we’ve had too much.

  • The older we get the more and more life seems like reruns of movies vaguely recalled.

  • Many seem prone to check the contents of their wallets at the first sign of another’s prosperity.

  • It seems obvious that the way to happiness is by the path of love that harmonizes with our nature and that the way to unhappiness is by the path of hatred that conflicts with our nature.

  • Whether the load we carry in life is deemed unbearable or not is dependent on whether we focus on the burden or our destination.

  • There is a greater threat to us than death; and that is the threat of never being.

  • A life that got to adulthood without adversity is like a sword fashioned from ice,-brittle and prone to melt when things get hot.


Comments - Our Human Nature
Page 56 of  161

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