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  • When we remain mute in the presence of a falsehood, the other might only be mistaken, but we lie by default.

  • Many that claim faith claim that they are without doubt, but faith always means being aware of the possibility of an opposing view but a commitment to its opposite. Faith without doubt would be like conceiving a child while believing in the certainty of its gender.

  • Mankind is reluctant to break the chains that bind primarily because it was mankind that forged them.

  • Those that disparage the present should remember that they disparage what many in the future will look back on fondly.

  • Even though a rolling stone gathers no moss, neither does one that hides under the covers.

  • Public opinion is mostly a myth because even the most cursory examination will discover the publicís opinion widely dispersed on almost any subject. The concept of public opinion has been created to act like an invisible electric fence to confine public behavior within the limits that some believe most benefits the public in general; this concept definitely does not benefit the individual in particular.

  • Those that claim that evil has an actual existence point to acts they call evil as evidence; this is like saying that ďluckĒ exists because they can point to fortuitous outcomes.

  • Our inner-strength is hypothetical until tested; in the Olympics, the gold medal in weight-lifting isnít awarded to the man that looks like he can lift the greatest weight, but to the man that actually does. Thus we should welcome tests as a way of knowing ourselves more and a way of understanding and accepting the weaknesses of others. Those that have been tested little find it easy to look down on those that have been tested much and have failed some.

  • When two substances are mixed intimately, most often the resulting melting point of the mixtures decreases, making the mixture more susceptible to heat than either of the two substances were individually; the same thing happens when we mix the beliefs of others with our own, the mixture becomes more susceptible to failure when the heat of life is applied.

  • Being called ďnot normalĒ should be regarded as an unintended compliment since the world has a surplus of those that are normal and a pressing need for those that arenít.

  • Though we may be aware of certain things that we donít know, we will never be aware of all that we donít know; if such could be put into a book, the book would have pages numbered one to infinity.

  • Some donít believe that an untruth is a lie unless they are found out.

  • If reality had a mind of its own, it might regard us as a delusion.

  • A false friend is more the product of our poor judgment than the betrayal of another.

  • Hope is usually what we have when we wish that reality wasnít.

  • Unless weíve know another well, we have little reason to either trust or doubt that person, for the person that we believe we know is likely just an image that another projects forth before us.

  • All conclusions should be invited to become new assumptions to father more conclusions.


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Page 56 of  131

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