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  • If we do our best, and God is behind us, we cannot fail. If we do our best, and God is not behind us, then success or failure doesn’t matter.

  • It is beyond the ability of anyone to conceive of anything that actually exists that did not have a cause, even God. To assume that God exists but was not caused, is to simultaneously admit that God is not conceivable. But, if God does exist and has a cause, how is it conceivable as to what such a cause could have been?

  • There is no “Lost & Found” department for when we lose our faith.

  • In the five stages of grief, the first is denial, which lends suspicion to our beliefs in a life after death.

  • The faith of an atheist is really extraordinary; he must have faith that no where in this vast Universe, that God exists, a really stupendous assumption when we consider that some light has been traveling billions of years before arriving here. Just one light year is almost six trillion miles.

  • The core of the beliefs of many is more related to stubbornness than to deep conviction.

  • Experts multiply inversely to what is know on a subject, and when nothing is known, the number of experts approaches infinity.

  • Faith is only an assumption that we are motivated to regard as a fact.

  • If God had wanted us to all act the same, he would have created us like sheep; but since he made us as individuals, he may want us each to find our own way to Him that is different than those that congregate to learn “the way”.

  • If we profess faith, in order to receive rewards, is our faith in God or is it our faith in the best ways to receive our rewards?

  • Theologies loved God so much that they gave Him human form and their ways of understanding.

  • When God said: “Let there be light.” should we infer that before that moment God lived in the dark?

  • Professing faith is an acknowledgement that a belief cannot be supported by verifiable facts, as are many things that we never doubt that exist, but can’t be verified, such as joy.

  • One’s true religion is the highest orientation in life that any person has; religion is never discovered by what people profess, but what their actions disclose.

  • Whereas science makes no claims to certainty, but only to degrees of probability, religion makes only claims of certainty without any probabilities other than 100%.

  • In the beginning, man created superstitions because there was little knowledge to explain the world about him; today there is much knowledge, but superstitions persist even when knowledge has shown them to be only superstitions.


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