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  • It is a mistake to believe that authorities are always expressing the truth; all authorities can ever do is express their opinions as to what is the truth.

  • When “Necessity” gave birth to “Invention” a paternal twin came afterwards named “Expediency”.

  • The world abounds with humans, but is running short on humanity.

  • The question-“Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” is easily answered. No chicken ever came into being in nature without having been in an egg first, however many eggs came into existence without having been in a chicken first. What we call a chicken is the product of selective breeding that started with non-chickens originally, and evolved by selecting those eggs that came from parents with the desired characteristics. At some point, a non-chicken produced what someone called a chicken, and did so via the egg.

  • A group of statistics is like modern art; you can make anything you want out of them or nothing at all.

  • It is probable that earlier civilizations caused more extinctions than modern man; however, we do it with far greater efficiency.

  • Truth doesn’t care who claims ownership of it because those that claim are already the property of truth.

  • We should never take offence at what another says, because if said with malice our being offended only rewards the offender, and if said without malice, our being offended punishes the other unjustly.

  • If curiosity could only be taught, education would have little trouble teaching anything else.

  • One’s perfect last words are: “No comment”.

  • Those that speak ill of those not present stab them in the back with words.

  • An empty promise is really full, but filled only with words.

  • The age of enlightenment doesn’t come with a promise against being extinguished by the forces of darkness, forces that are always waiting in the shadows cast by ignorance.

  • One’s health will be the plunder of time.

  • Though a little knowledge is dangerous, a great amount of knowledge is also dangerous; it’s just that the two suffer from very different dangers.

  • Many of the things we want come with a hook hidden within. Many of the things we fear come with a core of sweetness hidden within.

  • Statistics can create a new world where before there was none, and in the process reveal little of the world in which we live.

  • It may be that where there’s smoke that there’s also fire, but our human experiences should tell us that this is where there is often great deception.

  • Once harsh words have flown their cage, they are never to be caged again.

  • In a time of turmoil, it is the calm mind that survives to prosper.


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