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  • Personal integrity guarantees that we won’t become dichotomies.

  • We are more likely to permit the entry of a beautiful fantasy than a plain or unpleasant truth. In these cases, we can say that beauty is only words deep.

  • Those that live life only for some distant goal are like mountain climbers that climb mountains only for the purpose of standing on its top.

  • It makes as much sense to be mad about those things that we can do nothing about, as it does to be mad about those things that we can correct.

  • Whether in politics, investing, religions, or personal dealings, beware of those that step forward to offer you their protection.

  • Wanting to succeed without pain or great effort is like a lump of steel wanting to become a sword without the forge.

  • All that a people need do to lose major parts of their freedoms is to be complacent about the loss of minor freedoms that only benefited others.

  • We are ill-advised to ever judge the life of another, for no matter how well we examine the shoe of that person, we would be unable to tell if that shoe fits well or painfully. A life is infinitely more complex than a shoe.

  • We are vain and dishonest when we take credit for what others have done; but those that take pride in their race, inherited wealth, family religious affiliation, looks, physical health, and intellect, steal pride for themselves for what others before have done.

  • This side of death, perseverance will always overcome those that use force against us.

  • We should view unsolicited advice that is given to us, as a charitable act whether intended so or not.

  • Few things will so alter the world around each of us as altering the world within us.

  • A bad decision that isn’t executed is preferable to a good decision executed poorly.

  • It is always too soon to say “I understand.”

  • Were we to all to think alike, what could we add to one another other than our bodies?

  • If we want to move forward, we need to be willing to abandon ourselves.

  • When two get into a heated argument, it only takes one to cool it.

  • The tendency to talk incessantly is inversely proportional to the significance of what is said.

  • There usually is a lot more accomplished when a chore is disguised as a game, and a lot less accomplished when a chore looks like work.

  • Very few of us are qualified to rule over others since so very few of us are skilled in ruling ourselves.

  • The more we think about beating others, the less able we become in doing our best.

  • Any time we are required to unwillingly act in any particular way without wages, it is very similar to what history has called slavery.

  • It is always false to say “I had no choice.” But, it is always true to say “I had no way of having no choice”.

  • No freewill exists for those that freely deny its existence.

  • Even when we’re on the right track, we’re still in trouble if we don’t move faster than what’s behind.

  • We can never begin to know how the small acts of small people will affect the future in major ways. A British soldier’s choice to not shoot George Washington in the French and Indian Wars; and the choice of Hitler’s parents to make love at a particular time, were seemingly small choices that had enormous effects.


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Page 57 of  139

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