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  • Aging shouldn’t be taken personally; after all everyone else is having it done to them too.

  • Ambivalence is understandable in many situations, but it can paralyze as well if it prevents decisiveness when a choice must be made.

  • It takes just as much courage to try something new and to fail as it does to succeed. The larger test of courage is to try once again after failing.

  • Every time that we unjustly blame another for what we do, we pass up an opportunity to be completely human by taking full responsibility for our acts. *

  • We should wonder if there is such a thing as a “guilt gene” that is primarily a part of the female’s psyche at birth.

  • A dour countenance will nix any facelift.

  • If we allow ourselves to be surrounded by negative people, it is more likely that we’ll become more like them than that any of them will become like we are. This becomes a time to not try to educate, but to a time to evacuate.

  • Though we make positive use of darkness in developing film, darkness is the worst place of all to develop one’s principles for living.

  • Criticism, like a late frost on a seedling, can kill the individuality of a child.

  • When our mothers gave us life, they never gave us a warranty of satisfaction guaranteed. Satisfaction is to be found only in what we do with that gift.

  • Many judge without observing while only a few observe without judging.

  • If there is any certainty in our being, it is our being at this moment, for even the past is not secure from the distortions of memory, and from those that constantly revise what was; while the future can only be a hypothesis.

  • Those that can’t find the answers to life need to rephrase their questions.

  • We are born into the light and then lowered into the darkness of a well where we spend most of our lives trying to just get back to where we started.

  • Many prefer to dirty their words when confronting a problem instead of dirtying their hands.

  • In one way we’re all like inkblots in that we see one another by the biases of our past.

  • Young men are able to think without the aid of their gonads in the same way that birds are able to fly without the aid of their wings.

  • We value one another in relation to how they alter us and we them. Where change is minimal, it is like a stranger approaching on a path that causes us to just swerve to avoid colliding.

  • There is no need for any individual’s power to be applied when there is love; as love provides all of the power that love permits.

  • Those that will be called wise for generations hence are those that have no quarrel with the nature of today.

  • So much of life is spent looking for things where they aren’t, and not spent looking for things where they might be found.

  • The most certain way to gain the most immorality is by becoming part of that which will endure for the term of man’s existence. To produce just one accepted truth is an example of what would become part of this semi-immorality.

  • Time is the only glue that fixes broken hearts.

  • It is easy to pursue so many of life’s dreams that our efforts become so dispersed as to achieve none of them.

  • It is difficult, when observing another, to know whether the other is driven by obsession or love; but, it isn’t difficult for the one being observed, as love provides a source of continuing fulfillment while obsession only gives rise to further need.

  • Boredom only visits those with little imagination.

  • Like most things that our life’s choices produce, there is neither someone to blame nor to save us either. The tendency to look for either is a measure of the child still within.

  • One can never feel free as long as fears force us to flee and desires pressure us to come.

  • Apathy is a kind of undiagnosed death.

  • There would be much more demand for truth if only we knew how little we possess.

  • We are all connected by our mortality; only some are more so than others.

  • There is near universal preference for the comforts of existing beliefs than for the discomforts of new thoughts.

  • We often hear those that claim to want progress but oppose change.

  • We now have bombs that are more able to hit their targets than average citizens are able to hit theirs.

  • So many know what they want; so few know what they need.

  • Dreams, kept around too long, often spoil and become obsessions.

  • Each dawning is the opening chapter in the book of each of our lives; a chapter than can be left empty or filled with whatever we choose to write in it, but only if we are free.

  • The perfect anti-aphrodisiac is fear.


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Page 57 of  161

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