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  • The believability of what is said varies inversely to the decibels in the saying.

  • It is natural to abhor war and prefer that violence never occurs, but it is fantasy to believe that the kind of life that we have in America would exist in the absence of war and violence.

  • If someone, two-hundred years ago, had said that two-hundred years hence that one could sit at home and watch things happening half-way around the -world and to talk to someone at the scene, no one would have believed such could happen; yet today some are regarded as preposterous when they predict a possible future. Although none of those predictions may happen, it is near certain that things even more preposterous will.

  • Our certainties act as boundaries that we establish around ourselves that essentially declare that our thoughts mustnít extend beyond, thus limiting our freedom to think. Without those certainties, the mind is set free to roam the Universe.

  • That the truth will set you free is true, but only if one lacks freedom from ignorance and that which is false.

  • Most are more convinced of something, even if erroneous, by their own discovery than by the objective discovery of something by thousands of others.

  • There are things that we believe to be absolutely true that are beyond our comprehension such as what is beyond the outside dimensions of the Universe; we canít comprehend an infinite void going on forever nor can we comprehend an infinitely thick barrier enclosing our Universe.

  • The only logical thing that you can conclude about someone that knows many words that you donít is that they know many words that you donít.

  • Obligations are not ours to give to others, and obligations are not otherís to give to us. Obligations should never be accepted merely because another claims that you should have them. Obligations come into being by our freely agreeing to future behavior. Anything else thatís called an obligation was manufactured by others to coerce future behavior on us.

  • There is the very human tendency to regard that which one doesnít understand as being either false or of very little use.

  • Many a happy life and perhaps even many perfect lives are ruined by the discontent that stems from the haunting feeling that everything can always be improved.

  • There is no greater social poison than ingratitude.

  • We can see clearly of what we were, but we remain blind to what we may become.

  • The tyrant that rules our days and nights isnít another, but the beliefs that we hold that oppose our nature, and the nature that we have that goes begging because someone decided that our nature is of evil even though our nature was assumed to be of Godís creation.


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Page 57 of  131

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