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  • Perhaps the number one reason that so many celebrities reject the traditional worship of God is that they would like to eliminate the competition.

  • The things that we should be most thankful for are not the things that we do give thanks for; rather, they are the many things that we have, that we’ve become so accustomed to, that we no longer recognize them as gifts.

  • Life, after death, perhaps lives only in the hearts that the life has touched.

  • Perhaps part of the problems that we have had throughout mankind’s history is the product of the inbreeding that must have occurred after Noah’s Ark was beached.

  • Fear of Hell will never cause anyone to believe; but it will cause many to profess belief.

  • A sparrow may come closer to understanding the mind of man than man will of ever of understanding the mind of God; at least the sparrow is capable of watching us.

  • The intensity of a belief implies no more truth than does the intensity of a dream.

  • It is a toss-up as to whether ignorance or unverifiable beliefs will bring on the greater calamity to mankind.

  • Piety, about the morality of another, is a feeble attempt to play God, and is perhaps more immoral than the morality of the one being judged.

  • Being obedient with our bodies is called slavery; being obedient with our minds is called faith.

  • Should those that create myths also be called creationists?

  • To expect others to believe in original sin should be to expect them to continue to blame others for their later misdeeds.

  • It would be easy to dismiss all concepts of sin were it not for the fear that it would give free-rein to others to act just as they want.

  • Cruelty becomes a virtue after it clothes itself in morality.

  • The concept of Devil is a handy scapegoat for the fallen.

  • If we could only know more about God, it is near certain that theology’s descriptions of God would be found to be not elevating as intended, but found instead as belittling.

  • The dawn of enlightenment must always war against the darkness of dogmas and superstitions.

  • There is little doubt but what God could grant residence in Heaven to any that die, but the question remains-Why would He want to?

  • Although determinism is undoubtedly correct, it will always be claimed as false because neither person nor computer will ever be able to input the number of variables that determine our choices. One such variable is the assumption of freewill.

  • It would be easier to believe in the physical appearance of God if we would only stop assuming that He looks like my neighbor.

  • Were we able to convince everyone else that our beliefs were true, the truth of those beliefs wouldn’t be any different than if no one else believed.

  • The reason that evolution is criticized and Intelligent Design praised is due to the fact that we are incapable of comprehending the enormous numbers involved in the time of the Earth’s existence, the area of the Earth, and the extreme smallness involved in microbiology. Because we can’t comprehend anything, we always resort to simplistic answers, and call them truths.

  • Accepting dogma eliminates the need to think as we merely accept the thoughts of others.


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Page 57 of  67

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