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  • If we were only to live because no one wanted us dead, there’d be few of us left.

  • The wisest teacher is the one whose students become eager to prove him mistaken.

  • Even though marriage is a disappointment or a disaster to many, there are those that find marriage like two vines growing towards one another that intertwine and grow to a greater height than just one could all alone.

  • After a great conquest, be sure to eat your dinner with your back in a corner.

  • Most things happen without a purpose, but nothing happens without a cause.

  • Accidents aren’t something to be entirely avoided, because accidents, for the prepared mind, often produce that which is new and valued.

  • The most difficult opponent is the one that possesses power and patience in using it; from this we should learn that our own power should also be tethered by patience to be used only when most opportune.

  • Revisionists do what even God cannot do,-change the past.

  • Success most often comes from knowing when to start and not knowing when to stop.

  • Things don’t defy description as much as our deficiencies deny describing.

  • It is only recently that the victim of a murder had the ability to testify against the accused.

  • Professional organizations have one central goal, the goal of enhancing their members. They all pursue this goal by exactly the same method, which is to convince legislatures and the public that their one central goal is to protect the public.

  • We are in the midst of a great experiment where most individual’s beliefs of reality are for the first time the result of what various media have presented.

  • Although Rome wasn’t built in a day, and wasn’t destroyed in a day either, there was one day when its growth became slower than its decay.

  • Everything is but the shadow of another; even the shadow is of another shadow.

  • Time for each of us doesn’t proceed like the links of a chain but like the links in chain mail; for this reason long-term expectations are seldom long-term realizations.

  • A committee is a one way Dead End Street labeled as an Interstate Highway.

  • No one should be feared or suspected more than one who lusts after power. Those that receive power should be those that have power thrust upon them, but this rarely is the case.

  • Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but our Treasury Department would prefer that its currency was flattered less.

  • Few first thoughts aren’t improved by a second.

  • Today is history disguised as the present just waiting to be opened.

  • What group created the “unwritten laws”, and how are they to be repealed except by being totally ignored?

  • We are all adrift in a sea of compromise where originality has been so diluted as to become common; originality is the product of solitary effort that asks for no compromise from those that would “improve” it.

  • It is true that we can bring a horse to water but we can’t make it drink, but why would we want to unless we believe we understand the horse’s needs better than does the horse. Government usually is made up of such people that presume to “know” our needs better than we do. Perhaps then, we can elect people to offices but we can’t make them think.


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Page 57 of  101

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