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  • We have the opportunity to say some of our wisest and least wise words when another speaks to us in anger. Often silence is wiser than any words and less risky too.

  • To willingly confront great and obvious danger while frightened is courage; the same act done willingly and without fear is foolishness.

  • No goodness is required of a person that does what is good to avoid Hell or for the rewards of Heaven; but goodness is to be found within those that do what is good only because it is good, and for nothing more.

  • A secret may be held by one, but once it is held by two, it has become the seed of a rumor which is certain to grow.

  • It would be impossible to relate to another all the steps they should take if they ever want to be as we are, because even we are unaware of all of the relevant steps that we have taken.

  • Repenting comes easily when accompanied by fear of discovery.

  • We willingly disclose our smallest faults as a ruse to spare the discovery of our greatest faults.

  • If we soon repay another for a gift just received, we negate the spirit of the giving.

  • When we follow in otherís footsteps, we follow on worn-out paths; but, if we want a path that is ours alone, it must be because we follow where only the wind may have strayed.

  • One is wise to not try and repeat a treasured experience, as invariably the second will fall short of the first and tarnish its memory.

  • We should live each day so as to not to place a mortgage on tomorrow.

  • Educating the young would be much easier if the teachers stopped calling them lessons and started calling them secrets.

  • The monotony of small daily successes is usually required to reach the major successes of long-term goals.

  • Although sleep may occupy a large percentage of the years that we live, sleep is not life but only the preparation for living starting with our next awakening.

  • That others donít agree with us shouldnít dismay if we would only remember that at one time, we also believed differently on the very same subject.

  • To escape the rigors of preparation, we often flee only to encounter desperation.

  • What we call a hero is only the person that does what others fear to do even if that person foolishly felt no fear or acted only to receive the acclaim of others.

  • We can never share in the fears and passions of another unless weíve had the same experiences; all we can do otherwise is bear witness.

  • The main problem of trying to be like someone else, is that we never know enough of another to do this successfully; all one does is imitate anotherís public behavior, which is just a hint of what is the total person.

  • The activities that we tend to enjoy without end are those that touch some primitive part deep within us that we will never be able to identify or explain to another.

  • The easiest problems to solve are those of another.

  • Being indecisive may be a character fault; but on occasion when one lacks the information necessary for making a wise decision, it is valued highly.

  • Patience ripens the apple faster than prodding.

  • It is doubtful that any person, in the last hours of life, ever looked back on that life and was glad for any possession.

  • The number of people that are displeased are maximized by trying to please all.

  • It isnít a sign of general ignorance to say ďI donít know.Ē to a specific question, but many act as if it were.


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