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  • The wisest life is led where the need for wisdom was never apparent.

  • One of the greatest lamentations of growing old is getting to read so much of the history of mankind’s existence without ever getting to read its ending.

  • Inactivity is recommended in order to create heart problems but never to produce happiness.

  • When our lives are shattered, we can never take the fragments and make them new again, but we can take them and make something else that is new.

  • To become mature requires the acceptance that we have always been, and will always be, vulnerable no matter how much we pretend to be safe.

  • The higher we climb on the mountain of our own self-knowledge, the greater becomes the danger of our falling into what we really are.

  • The more trustworthy that we are to ourselves; the easier it becomes to trust others.

  • Few medicines work as well or as inexpensively in treating aches and pains as becoming focused in what we could be doing.

  • Beauty can never be seen, only sensed by what we see.

  • The only way that teenagers will ever fully understand teenagers is after they’ve reared a few of their own.

  • Negative patterns of thinking can accumulate over decades until it becomes one’s primary way of viewing life. Positive thoughts tend to leech and displace negative thoughts, the same way that rain leaches and displaces pollutants from the earth.

  • Many men seem to operate on the theory that they’re only as old as the female that they’re with.

  • A relationship between two people is more than the presence of two physical bodies in proximity to one another; because a relationship exists in our minds even when we are not close physically. For this reason a relationship extends beyond the grave with the survivor and perhaps even with the other as well.

  • Many people have never experienced their happiest moments even though they can remember them clearly.

  • There are those that have so fallen in love with myth, that they regard truth as an interloper.

  • There exists within each of us, the seed of our own spirituality that will never grow unless found and nurtured by our devotion to the highest principles found within.

  • Perhaps “The Golden Years” were so named because of the quantity of gold needed to maintain life.

  • Our internal shadows always lengthen into darkness when those that we love pass beyond our horizons.

  • Anyone that has lived long but never felt totally inadequate for a task at hand, has missed discovering what being human truly is.

  • Unless we don’t do our best to prepare for the opportunities that may come, we’ll have no use for the opportunities if they come.

  • If our fear of failure gets much stronger, the time may come when nothing new is created except our own decay.

  • It is the very remarkable person that ever becomes as wise as he or she once was believed at age eighteen.

  • Far more courage is required to exist as an individual than to exist as a percentage of a group.

  • When we suffer a loss, we always suffer alone even when surrounded by others expressing sympathy and distracting us momentarily. When they leave, the only companion that alleviates our suffering is named “Time”.

  • We are all like sailing ships adrift in the sea of life; where some hoist sail and seize the helm, while others are willing to just drift along and let the currents and winds determine their destinations.

  • If we were only willing to talk about that which most impassions us, those that are willing to be near us would be few.

  • One’s true character is like a passport photo in that neither can be retouched.

  • One makes a mistake when believing that the index for the “Book of Tomorrow” has already been written.

  • Great disaster waits for those that try to make life a perpetual carnival

  • We were, are, and will always, learn more from our opponents than our proponents.

  • If we all thought alike, that would be clear evidence of a very cleaver dictator.

  • We should keep our desires on a leash and our fears tied to the end of a pole.

  • To deter another’s behavior, or even our own, we need to make sure that we don’t reward a particular behavior. Punishment tends to be unrewarding for most; but there are some that find punishment rewarding. If possible, just ignoring behavior is the least rewarding response for those whose reward types are unknown.

  • Some people are so progressive that they are already nostalgic about next year.

  • Many pray to not be led into temptation only because that would take away the surprise.


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Page 58 of  161

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