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  • One delusion that is a detriment to those that just touch it is that somehow life owes us anything except death.

  • Ask most people what they need to make them happy and almost all will indicate some great sum of money; it makes no difference apparently that among those that have that amount of money that no greater percentage are happy than those with little; they just dwell on different worries.

  • Those that whine that lifeís unfair and they donít get the benefits they deserve, and are beseeched by hardships that also werenít deserved, apparently believe that life should operate like a supermarket where they get and pay for what they want and they arenít forced to take home the supermarketís garbage either.

  • Has anyone ever determined whether itís better to have delusions of grandeur or just plain old delusions?

  • Individuals never cling so tightly to anything as when they feel in peril of falling.

  • Living is and has always been a risky adventure; because it is risky, we shouldnít be surprised by its occasional pains. Today, there seems to be an increasing assumption that those failures in life that resulted in pain must be the fault of others and that others should pay us for the pain that we could have prevented by a moderate application of thought.

  • Since we can never know what we can do, we shouldnít make any assumptions about our abilities, but just proceed as if there are no limits.

  • Some drink at the fountain of knowledge while others that are there just wash their feet.

  • To keep a fruit tree bearing fruit to its capacity, branches need to be pruned regularly, the same way our beliefs need to be pruned regularly to be replaced by newer beliefs that will bear the fruit of our new thoughts.

  • Whenever we buy something, we spend a part of life for that thing, either our lives or someone elseís; we need to ask ourselves: Is this thing worth a part of a life?

  • No matter how fervently we believe in a cause, the fashion for that cause will grow old and forgotten along with its followers; history is littered with broken and partially achieved causes that the floods of time invariably sweep away only to be replaced by newer fervent causes.

  • Were the truth to be known, we would find that most of our beliefs are intense hunches.

  • We like to think of ourselves as strong and self-sufficient, but such thoughts are doomed to frustration, as each of us are like vines, vines that may grow towards one another and become mutually supportive in our efforts to rise higher than if we were alone; some of us grow towards ideas and ideals that arenít necessarily shared by those close at hand, but those of another time and place, that then provide the necessary latticework for our own upward growth.


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Page 58 of  131

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