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  • Although faith may do splendidly in reducing our fears, it does nothing to reduce our dangers, and in many cases increases our dangers.

  • If we could be aware of all the blessings that most of us have, there would be few moments absent of gratitude.

  • The total absence of doubt does not necessarily imply certainty, as it also implies the possibility of total ignorance.

  • To understand theology, go to church; to understand God, look within.

  • Those that oppose evolution, and other scientific beliefs about the origins of life and the Universe, tend to favor the concept of “Intelligent Design”, They do so because they cannot conceive of how things, that are so complex, could have evolved on their own and not have been the result of careful planning, But, the assumed Designer of such complexities must have possessed even greater complexities than what He designed. So the question that begs to be answered is: What, even “More Intelligent Designer”, designed the Creator of the life and the Universe that we now know?

  • Perhaps some of the things that we claim to know by faith will be proven true and some will be proven false, but there is no means, known to mortals, to immediately determine which is which.

  • The concept of “Original Sin” is based on the high improbability of God blaming an individual for an act of another that was done thousands of years ago.

  • Enlightenment doesn’t necessarily exclude God, but it does exclude theologies.

  • Goodness is only a label that we attach to whatever we like, and withhold from the things that we dislike. To assume that goodness lies innately within anything is to ignore that goodness lies only within our minds.

  • Every culture seems to never tire of flattering itself by claiming to understand God and claiming to know what He expects of mankind.

  • Whether the grave is a final resting place or a new beginning, is not determined by popular opinion.

  • Once the assumption of “free will” is held as a fact, its mother dies, and determinism is buried and forgotten.

  • For Heaven to live up to its billing, it would have to be vastly different than theologians describe it.

  • Those that believe in a Hell, as described by theologians, must conceive of a Creator, crueler than the worst ever human sadist, either real or imagined.

  • Heresy today may be a common belief in the future.

  • “Sainthood” is the effort of man to dictate to God who should be most acclaimed in Heaven. Does this effort imply a suspicion of God’s decision making abilities?

  • Homophobia is as irrational as any other kind of prejudice, whether it be racial, religious, or gender. The sinfulness or lack thereof, is a matter for God’s judgment, not mankind’s.

  • Religion’s rejection of evolution is no different than the historic religious rejections of the roundness of the Earth or the Earth’s orbiting the Sun.

  • When we have finally understood ourselves, we should be able to say of ourselves that we know of no one that is less deserving of God’s blessings or no one that is more deserving either.


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Page 58 of  67

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