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  • Life should be like a lighted fuse of unknown length, so that wherever anything is happening, it is intense and remains so until finally blowing up.

  • Whenever receiving a gift, even if it is something that is unwanted, try and pretend that the gift is from a small child and act accordingly.

  • Many conversations between two friends are spoken in silence.

  • The greatest anger occurs when neither person is able to support a belief objectively.

  • Wherever we are, we always travel with shadows even if only below our feet.

  • As we grow, we should shed our useless habits of an earlier time, like the way the snake sheds its skin when it grows.

  • If we fill our lives with trivia, we tend to not leave room for the things that matter most to us. The problem is that most of us have never inventoried ourselves to discover the things that do matter the most.

  • One way that individuals defend what they are, is by attacking those that are different in any way as though those differences were contagious.

  • Spontaneity is a traitor to the occult life.

  • In the long history of mankind, there is no doubt but what much of mankind’s misery was the result of deprivation of the material things necessary for life; but, it is highly irrational, in a time of great plenty, to believe that great possessing will bring great happiness.

  • Another’s shortcomings are whispered about while another’s strengths are only thought about.

  • We should start being concerned about the opinions that others have of us, just before a lynch-mob is formed.

  • Nothing is so easily lost as are those things that we regard as birthrights that cannot be taken away, and therefore need not be protected.

  • When man grows tired of trying to conquer the world about him, he will finally be free to focus on conquering the world within himself.

  • In America, each person can be the architect and builder of his own future, though many seem unaware of this, and believe themselves to be only the material to be used for the construction of another’s future.

  • We can never know the total effects of what we do, whether done for good or evil.

  • We often read too much into what others do to us, as though they must have acted with malice. Likewise, a tree bears a stone no malice when its root penetrates and breaks it, as it is the tree’s nature to do so, and the stone’s nature mto be broken.

  • Doubt before deciding but never while executing a decision.

  • Those that complain of the high cost of education should consider how much higher the cost is for “uneducation”.

  • Great anticipations work like a siphon taking from our reservoir of future pleasures.

  • The easiest lesson to learn is the lesson on quitting. One of the most difficult lessons to learn is the lesson on persevering after defeat.

  • There are those that will say “I love you.” with the same amount of love that a person expresses when feeding a mouse some cheese in a mousetrap.


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