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  • It is natural to think that the most durable of things are made of concrete, stone, or metal, but the most durable of all things are none of these; the most durable of things are words, especially those words that express a truth.

  • There are those that view efficiency as one of mankind’s highest accomplishments; if so should we then regard Hitler’s methods of mass murder a leap forward in mankind’s accomplishments or a great step backwards?

  • Almost all guilt, except jury verdicts, is the result of not understanding the nature of necessary and sufficient causes, because most of what we feel guilt for is the result of innumerable “necessary causes”, any one of which if absent, would have resulted in the particular act not occurring. That is why they are called necessary causes. As such, all necessary causes bear some degree of implied guilt. It is rare when we commit an act with the intention of producing harm; even if we did act, with the intention to produce harm, it would seem like such intent would have been “sufficient” to have caused the act. But, further examination would reveal that every intention, that seems like a sufficient cause, had itself innumerable”necessary causes”. Any thorough examination will show that guilt is a product of our ignorance and the teachings of a culture that wants to control negative human behavior.

  • As mankind “advances” we need to ask ourselves about “survival of the fittest” concepts and ask ourselves, “fittest for what?”

  • The fact that honesty pays isn’t an adequate reason for honesty for many in today’s world, as the payoff for honesty is long delayed but the demand is immediate.

  • Slavery, the way we generally think of slavery, ended well over a century ago, only to be replaced by a new kind of slavery, not of chains, but of beliefs that bind us to patterns of life that benefit others primarily and seldom benefit us. We mustn’t think of ourselves as being free only because we can’t identify our owners.

  • It is said that the wisest person is one that knows what he doesn’t know, but no one can explain how such a fete is accomplished. It is impossible to be fully aware of even the untruths that dwell within us that we believe to be true; time will bear this out with pain.

  • Most often the closer a belief gets to our hearts, the closer it gets to being false; this is because our emotions are what moved it towards our hearts and therefore further away from our minds.

  • The strongest faith is that which survives after being confronted with overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Is this virtue or insanity?

  • We hear it said “There’s more to that than meets the eye.”, we should always remember that this is true of everything, even when someone claims “There’s less to that than meets the eye.” It is always impossible for everything to be known about anything just by looking.


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