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  • If life is successful, in the end we will finally discover that to trust in God is to trust in oneself.

  • If idleness is the Devil’s workshop, we shouldn’t worry as long as the workshop remains idle too.

  • It is interesting to speculate whether, in the absence of a belief in immortality, whether there would have evolved any theologies.

  • Most of the idols of idolatry are without form or substance.

  • Few things are as scalding as ingratitude yet many that profess religious beliefs focus on what is lacking in their lives instead of its blessings. Perhaps God also finds the ingratitude of His blessings as scalding as humans do, and is therefore less likely to provide more blessings to the ungrateful.

  • One of the long-term effects of theologies is to divide mankind against itself instead of bringing together the like spirits within each of us.

  • Contemptuous laughter is more deadly to a politician than the hated of a mob.

  • If one ends up finding themselves sentenced to Hell, then one should be able to generate one hell of an appeal as there will be no shortage of lawyers.

  • Whether or not life extends beyond our last breath, we should make sure that it extended before.

  • If marriages are made in Heaven, we should wonder why they aren’t kept there.

  • It is the very nature of miracles that they cannot be repeated by man at his willing, and will therefore forever be beyond the scope of science and certainty by those that have not had such experiences.

  • Morality, whether written in stone or enshrined by history, lives only in the mind but is enforced outside of it and seldom within.

  • Dogma is a full bag that is empty of evidence.

  • Without strong beliefs to anchor us during troubled times, we will find it difficult to navigate through life; instead we will be tossed about by the winds of desire and the waves of fear that are certain to overtake us.

  • Undoubtedly there are many obscure truths that we may sense but never verify; but we more often sense that which is not true but is only hoped for.

  • Each of us represents about one-six billionth of the world’s population; and to assume that God is offended, disturbed, or even concerned about each of us, means that God would be in a constant state of being offended, disturbed, and concerned. This is not a condition that one would expect to find anywhere in Heaven, and certainly not in God who is in Heaven. Obviously we have an exaggerated opinion as to our significance in the Universe and to God.

  • We all know that there are poisons that can harm or destroy the body, but, there are also poisons that can do the same with the mind’s functioning, and none are so thorough and as long lasting as are dogmas.

  • When in Hell, it is better to stand on the pavement of good intentions than upon its red-hot embers.


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Page 59 of  67

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