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  • Statistics are wonderful for arguing because they are pliable enough to be adapted to either side.

  • History has demonstrated that often the vanquished gain more in their losing than the victors in their winning.

  • To us, the period from 1000AD to 2000AD seems like a very long period; however the Earth is believed to be about 4.5 billion years old, a time span that we can’t begin to comprehend. We can comprehend seconds and years though, and this means that the last Millennium, related to the time the Earth has existed, is the same as seven seconds is to one year.

  • Many things that have gotten out of hand were never really in hand in the first place.

  • Knowledge is to beliefs as the wind is to fire, in that the wind can fan one fire and extinguish another.

  • Some seem surprised to find out that advertising isn’t primarily used for informing.

  • Mimes would seem to have very much in common with the hypochondriac.

  • The ranting of those opposing globalization should be regarded as the tantrums of children that want their own way regardless of the needs of others.

  • Labor and capital need to be smart enough to recognize that they are co-joined twins, and that if one suffers for long, so will the other.

  • The extent of most people’s philosophical interests begins at the front bumper and ends at the rear bumper.

  • There are some that talk as though their native tongue were “Ambiguity”.

  • When we lose a loved one, there is no greater remorse than for the loving words left unsaid, and for the loving deeds left undone.

  • At the speed of change today, it might be just as important to be able to unlearn as to learn.

  • The modern world should be thankful that the environmentalists weren’t around at the time of the Tyrannosaurus rex.

  • Nothing proves the existence of “luck” to most people more than the success of others.

  • Lightening never strikes twice in the same place when the first place was you.

  • The IRS, as yet, hasn’t found a way to make you pay a tax on the wages of sin.

  • Few think of themselves as being for sale; however advertisers continuously bid for you in order to get you to do their bidding.

  • If any extraterrestrials are receiving our signals, perhaps the reason that they’re keeping mum has to do with their desire for self-preservation.

  • Since all meteors are falling, why do we refer to another’s rise as a “meteoric rise”?


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