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  • The saying ďno pain no gainĒ is not just true of oneís body but also of oneís character. Character canít be developed by reading, but by struggling through difficulties and failures and continuing towards oneís goals.

  • It should be no surprise that when we tell others to ďJust be yourself.Ē that they seem bewildered because they thought that was exactly what they were doing.

  • Every assertion should be regarded as an assumption.

  • We should not judge a powerful person as being weak because that power is not used, but, perhaps we should judge that person as being wise

  • Tomorrow doesnít seem weighty to those that have prepared its cart.

  • Whatever shortcomings that we may find in another, we can also find in ourselves. Qualitatively we are the same only differing quantitatively in our attributes.

  • Happiness flees at the first sight of fear.

  • A joy felt by only one is a half a joy.

  • Successful flattering is taking advantage of anotherís weakness in a friendly kind of way.

  • Patience is more easily discovered where there is comfort than where there is discomfort.

  • When we travel, we need to remember that we arenít travelers in a foreign land but foreigners in a traveled land.

  • It seems as if many couples marrying today regard the marriage vows as a series of trick questions to be figured out later-maybe.

  • If totally untalented people want to be remembered, they should stand for something so irritating that the culture will seek them out for persecution.

  • Opportunity most often comes to us labeled as ďa problemĒ.

  • There are many that seem to have no understanding of the word ďenoughĒ, such as knowing when enough wealth is enough, when enough power is enough, when enough play is enough, when enough fame is enough, when enough sexual partners is enough, when enough food is enough, when enough drink is enough, etc. For these enough is an obsession that guarantees only the illusion of happiness.

  • Laurels arenít preserved by resting on them, only flattened.

  • In most cases, cursing oneís bad luck is cursing oneís own creations.

  • Just think how much better the world would be if our desire for accepting advice were as strong as our desire for giving it.

  • It is a mistake to assume that merely because one is rich and/or famous that they are happier than you.

  • If we donít like the answers life keeps giving us, then perhaps we should change our questions.

  • We all need to teach our dogs, fears, and desires how to heel.

  • The mildest of sins might be when we praise another when that praise was unearned.

  • The truly strong among us find no need to display that strength, knowing that they arenít threatened by whether others believe they possess strength or weakness. It is the weak that need to display strength in order to deter others from attempting to exploit their weaknesses.

  • To live contradictorily to oneís beliefs is like having our feet walk in opposite directions.

  • The number one obstacle to doing something is the belief that one canít do something.

  • One never gets blisters from thinking, but one often gets them from not thinking.

  • Opportunity isnít like a coquette that walks over and sits on your lap encouraging you to act, rather it is more like that foul ball at the ball park that is caught by the person that thought to bring a glove.

  • If history is going to keep repeating itself, perhaps itís time to stop having reruns.

  • If our minds were more open and our mouths less so, many of our problems would be ex-problems.

  • Be aware of what others say but heed what the voice inside only whispers.

  • The only respect that we should seek is self-respect. Once that is attained, the genuine respect by others will follow. Usually when we seek respect from others without first having self-respect, others will likely detect the phoniness of the effort and have even less respect for us.

  • If we are prone to forgiveness, then we should first administer it to ourselves as we are the ones most responsible for the harm that we suffer, not others.

  • The loneliest road that we can choose is the road where everyone else is going the other way.

  • The most effective diet to lose weight is when we are forced to subsist by only eating our own words.

  • We havenít won when weíre ahead by twenty runs in the ninth inning, and we havenít lost either when weíre behind twenty runs in the ninth inning.


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